Strumming, singing, and changing chords - My first go

Hello all,
I’d like feedback and I’d like to share my progress in strumming and singing.

1.My first stage of strumming and singing looked like all downstrums and changing chords after every two verses with my original songs. I did not follow bars, I just went along with the verses I wrote.
2. Now, my recent video below is where I follow the pattern [1 A] [2 -] [3 D] [4 -]. Basically 2 downstrums in each bar and between 1st and 3rd beat I change chords in the beat. Thus, I provide background music that I can sing to and chord changes are not tied to verses. I’d say this is a step forward from chord changes happening only with verse changes

The thing I noticed about the slow rhythm is that hitting the wrong strings is really noticeable, so playing this rhythm really forced me to get better at strumming the right strings.

I am a beginner, so I know I need polishing in general. I’d like comments on: how to chords sound, did I keep the same tempo throughout the song?, my chord changes, my strumming dynamics, do I “look” right holding and playing guitar?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Hi Husain pretty good attempt in my eyes for a beginner! Obviously there is still some things to be worked on but overall love the idea to sing along even to such a simple patterns! Will pay dividends in the future.

Chord changes haven’t been clear all the time, you are sort of changing your chords finger by finger rather than putting all grips at once. This you can practice with metronome and doing one minute changes. Start slow and build up speed once you feel comfortable with one you’ve been practicing.

Now onto the tempo - overall is good but sometimes timing gets messed up as you struggled with a chord change. Back to point one - one minute changes and perfect chord changes on top are your friends here.

You look fine to me as for posture goes. Focus on getting chord shapes engraved in your brain so changes are taking less time :slight_smile: good luck!


Hi Husain, like your last video the vocal is amazing but this time, to my ear, it sounds much more contemporary. Was this intentional? A fair amount of pitch rising and falling, vocally, with this piece. You’re singing is so naturally musical, to my ears. Your guitar is still very basic and I’m thinking that as your singing has so much about it that you’ll want in your playing that you should let it come out! As Adi says, 1 minute chord changes are the way. Your right hand is moving continuously with the rhythm,which is good to see.
If I had a voice like yours I suspect I might be focusing on that! Although not the thing to say in a guitar forum!

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You’ve got a good voice Husain so that’s a great gift.
I agree with the previous comments. Work on getting your chord changes faster and more accurate. In particular work at getting all your fingers down on the strings at the same time. At the moment you are getting away with it because of the very basic strumming pattern you’re using. Once you try to speed up your strum and introduce up strums the strings that you’re not fretting in time will sound out.

Have a look at this lesson.

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@adi_mrok - I appreciate the comments on the chord changes and posture.
@Willsie01 , thanks for the kind words about my voice. I may have some vocal gifts, but I score pretty low in learning new skills that require rote practice, like guitar :slight_smile: . For this song, I wasn’t trying to much of an original singing style. I was hardly able to hold together the tune while changing chords - but I think I did!
@sairfingers - thanks for your comments. Yes, definitely! Today, I have started practicing changing both my fingers at the same time (going from A to D). It’s not easy, but I’m already getting the hang of it. Air changes, here I come!

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Good Job!

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It has been said by others but looking good for a beginner Husain.