Strumming SOS Course - is Foundations the same as material in Grade 1?

I have not purchased Strumming Foundations. But, after looking at the lesson titles and the trailer video, it looks like stuff already covered in Grade 1 of the beginner’s course. If I have already finished Grade 1 is there any benefit to doing the Strumming Foundations course?

Most definitely do the strumming course it will help you for sure. It helped me and I am now doing the second stimming course.

I did the predecessor to the current strumming course, RUST (Really Useful Strumming Techniques) 1 & 2. If the new one is as good (and going off the example of the new vs classic beginner course it’s probably better) then It’s going to be a game changer for you. RUST 1 & 2 took you from 1 downstrum per bar, through to being able to play the Bo Diddley rythym

This ^^^^^^
I bought RUST 1 & 2 years ago and as Ian says, it was a game changer. Looking at the SOS content I think this will take you further. :sunglasses:

Some of the very early ground overlaps with the beginner course because Justin lays down the essentials and he wants it accessible for anybody from raw beginner to more advanced. Everyone needs a secure foundation. It soon develops into its own, extremely brilliant course and is well worth pursuing alongside to your beginner course studies.


Joseph @joevdenne
I agree with Richard’s @Richard_close2u comments, I have done both Grade 1’s and although onto Grade 2 strumming I still refer back to Grade 1.
Anyway what have you got to loose it comes with 30 day money back guarantee.

I can only confirm, what @Richard_close2u and @MAT1953 wrote. Both Strumming Courses do overlap with contents of the Beginner Course 1+2, but will give you even more useful material to learn and practice. I bought both Strumming courses, I’m almost at the end of Strumming Dynamics and can say, those courses are brilliant and worth every cent. So much to learn and to take out of this! I didn’t hesitate to subscribe… in the worst case, it would have been a donation to the system (not to talk about the money back option you have on top), but it was an investment I never regretted!