Strumming SOS course - what is it? Should I subscribe?

Is this strumming foundations a brand new course??

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Hi Jason,

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Everything pertaining to rhythm guitar,…from the beginning to a master in guitar rhythm :sunglasses:
I think the few lessons here and there in between (everywhere ) give a nice idea of ​​what you can expect here,… do you have trouble with rhythm guitar and do you really want to get good,… do this course :smiley:
Greetings, Rogier

Edit:My words above were an answer to the question… if there might be a preview of these new lessons,… but the question has been removed by the author,…but it wasn’t a weird question so I’ll leave my answer as it is :blush:


How useful will this course be for beginners. I understand that it has basic things like videos that were posted outside the course, how to hold a pick and such. Is it worth a complete beginner getting this.

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Rachel @Libitina

In answer to your question, I definitely think it is worth while for a beginner and for those a bit further on the journey like me.

If I may repeat what I said in an earlier post about the course “ I have just started grade 2. Although I can play OF and 3 or 4 other strumming patterns I have not been satisfied with the quality of my strumming. I decided a while ago that I would revisit some of the earlier lessons but then I became aware of this course becoming available so decided to wait.”

I have already scanned most of the lessons and see it is going to be helpful to me. If you find that it is too basic there is a 30 day money back option so no reason not to give it a try.

I am already looking forward to Grades 2 and 3 of the course when they become available.



@JasonBuk Jason, this is an updated version of Justin’s RUST 1 & 2 (Really Useful Strumming Techniques) DVD series, which was more recently made available as an online course for purchase (one of the few items not available free of charge).

That course was made some years ago, and Justin has developed as a teacher plus of course the technology has improved. Hence remaking this.

@Libitina Rachel, I view this as a useful additional resource. Strumming and related topics are covered throughout Grade 1 and 2 in various places. This course packages all you need in a convenient course with emphasis on being able to play along with Justin, which I have found to be an excellent aid to laying solid foundation in strumming.

Once you have moved beyond learning the first two or three chord shapes and have begin to play songs then you are ready to make use of this material. You may find you pace yourself throughout, matching what you learn in this course with your progress through the first grades.


Learning songs is right where I am now, I’ve recently got an Ipad and purchased the App to prep for the final part of Grade1, (memorise the 5 pieces). So definately something to get soon by the sounds of it.




Absolutely worth it for beginners !!! And I’ve only done first couple lessons. I see improvements already. Without having my own guitar teacher show me what I’m doing wrong these lessons definitely help me


I bought the time trainer app a few month ago. Will this app help me in this course?

Roland @Rolandson
This quick answer is it definitely will, already used mine
Michael :stopwatch:

I am still not sure how this course looks like. Can you desgribe me lets say the lesson two and can you add it in the practice routine?

Roland @Rolandson
I presume you have signed up for the course in which case it only starts to come into use in lesson 10.

Does this answer you question?
Michael :question:

No did not signed up. I’m still thinking if I need it. After lifetime theory course, all the apps, justin tabs and the biginner course book, dvds and a few song books should I buy another course

Roland @Rolandson
I obviously can’t make that decision for you but I have just started Grade 2 but was not happy with my strumming. Only got the course a few days ago and already see for me it is going to be very helpful. It puts strumming in a logical sequence rather than interspaced in the various modules of the main course.
There is a 30 day money back option so you can try it and see what is like.

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I am going to sign up for the course. 30 days money back option is great.

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sorry if this was already mentioned somewhere else but does this new course includes everything that was in RUST 1 and 2? or will those remain as additional material?

The quick answers is no, Grade 1 does not cover, all of Rust 1 and 2
later grades may but there are still things not in grade 2 and grade 3 is not available yet.

I bought the original DVD version of the course and went through it a while back.

I recently purchased “Strumming SOS” and finally went through it.

I wasn’t sure if it would be new material for me, and it wasn’t. However, I really think it was good for me to do it.

First, strumming, well, timing, is a weak point for me. The new course is very well put together, Justin is great as always, and although much of it was previously covered, it is organized a bit better and was so good to review. I feel revitalized to work in this sticky issue more specifically.

Second, even if it was similar to a course I have already purchased, it is a valuable update and I have no problem essentially donating a bit more to Justin for the opportunity to solidify my game. Certainly, in spite of several donations and a bunch of purchases, I have more than gotten my money’s worth in the two years I have been here. I probably should (and will) donate more (I donate each spring).

Yesterday I went ahead and bought grade 2, the strumming dynamics. I am not ready to start yet, but am really looking forward to it.


There wasn’t anything in this course i didn’t know already it’s good for people in their first 3 months of playing or something.
I have been leaning for 3 decades on and off so I’ve literally seen videos lessons like this a million times already so not for me but there is definitely an audience for it.
I will be waiting for the other 2 courses hope they bring something new.

Edit: One thing to add especially for new players is that the metronome is incredibly boring
(i fall asleep in like 20 seconds playing to a metronome) i would highly recommend to play with a drum track or drum machine or some looper pedal with build in drums it’s a lot more fun and actually sounds like your playing music, and it’s function is exactly that of a metronome.
Just make sure you don’t pick one with drum fills etc. that can mess you up in the beginnings, just use a steady 4/4 beat (like a metronome)