Strumming SOS - should I skip grade 1 and start at grade 2?

Advice please.
I was wondering about these courses and how much benefit I would get from grade 1 as opposed to going straight to grade 2.
I still class myself as a, “learning to play”, guitarist rather than a, “I play guitar”, guitarist, but, with my strumming, when attempting to play through songs or part of songs, I have got to a stage of not being, “rigid”, with my strumming, and without thinking are throwing in, “extra” strums or “fills”, that just “feel” right, almost on auto-pilot.
I don’t want to miss out on important teaching by missing a grade, but, don’t want to purchase something that may not be fully appropriate for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

Yeah, I second this, also interesting if it’s worth doing Beginners course, Music Theory and Strumming simultaneously :sweat_smile:

I wouln’t start grade 2 dynamics, basic fundementals are very much needed, is unadvisable. Grade 1 is more important IMO. !

Please, do not skip grade 1, theres so much work in there I was very imressed with it.


Theory too. TBH. !


I don’t skip anything! I’m not consistent with practice advice though. I passed grade 1 logical assessment, where you have to play chords and roughly be comfortable with playing basic 5 songs (e.g. playing 1 strum in bar), strum;

But then I open a random grade 1 song and expect myself to be able to play it instantly, and it’s haaaaard

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