Strumming Technique & Mechanics

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What is the ideal pick for funk strumming? I think Justin is using a Jazz III, or something like that. Then there’s Nile Rodgers, who uses a soft pick. I typically use a Jazz III for everything on electric but I found a softer pick (0.73) better for funk strumming. My buddy, whose a professional musician, tells me to stick with the thicker pick. Any thoughts?

me personally, and its just my opinion but i would say thicker because you want a brighter punchier sound that doesnt seem to come from a softer pick

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Thanks for the response! It does make sense.

Hi everyone, quick question on this type of strumming. How do you get your middle, ring & pinkey fingers out of the way when doing the flick/relaxed strumming motion? I know I’m holding my pick right but it seems like the other fingers get in the way. I end up having what looks like a weird claw as I raise my 3 fingers out of the way so they don’t hit the strings ahead of the pick. Is it something around the angle of the strum? How do you move your hand so this isn’t an issue? Thanks!

Hi all,
On the basics of strumming, is it best to keep the 3 fingers tucked in like a fist when strumming or let the 3 fingers hang down.

Is there a best practice?

I would also like to know what to do with my other 3 fingers while strumming. My tendency is to keep them more or less straight and pointed down but keeping them bent in a fist like posture seems like what most people do. Any advice?

Hey guys,

I honestly don’t know if there is an advantage to playing one way or the other, but tons of people play with the 3 fingers hanging down. I think you should adopt the technique that feels most comfortable.


You know after getting used to picks rotating and fixing them while strumming, I thought letting it rotate all the way around would be fun.

Well apparently I can’t.

My brain just won’t let it rotate anymore. Every time it starts to rotate muscle memory kicks it and it stops. It’s a really strange sensation to work on something so insignificant… but I found it amusing.