Strumming Techniques 1 A

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Hi where is the PDF for this lesson? I can’t see it in the downloads tab. Thanks.

@martin2302 if you go to Strumming Techniques 1A you can find the PDF for Strumming Techniques 1 on the download tab.

And similarly for the PDF for Strumming Techniques 2 you will find it in the download tab for module 2A.

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Hi. I have and use the app. I have also just purchased the strumminh lessons. Does this appear on the app or must I leave it on my PC?

@martin2302 Not sure if this helps but I use my iPad for all of Justin’s lessons and courses. So I downloaded the pdf to my iPad then emailed it to my Windows PC to print off hard copy. As far as I am aware, others may know different, but it is not on the app

I think this will only be available on the PC and website. The app only at this point has certain grades of lessons implemented.

Hello @Selwynn and welcome to the Community.
Strumming Techniques is a stand alone purchase separate to the app not within the app.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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And totally worth it, I might add.

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Hello @Selwynn. The strumming techniques course videos can be watched directly from the website or downloaded from the website to your phone, tablet or PC. I downloaded to a USB and plugged that into the back of my TV to watch on the big screen and strum along with Justin. As @Richard_close2u has pointed out the premium courses are standalone purchases and as @Rossco01 has pointed out only the first two grades of the standard course have been implemented in the app at this point.

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Well worth the money, if only to see how bad your strumming is! It will get better after practising the lessons, but it may take a little while. I still have a bit of trouble with parts of it, but that`s me.

It’s stated in video on the up strum goal is to hit the top 3 strings… is that consistent with all chords?
Video is an E chord
Is a D the same? (only and example) Top 3 strings for up strum.

Hello and welcome to the community.
Yes that is the general guidance for all upstrums. It is easier and sounds better that way.

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Hey Folks,
I want to step up my rhythm game and wanted to find out, if this course is suitable for me!
I feel really confident with all 8th note strumming patterns and can change them up with songs I know and also sing along.
16th Notes work out if I put loads of focus to it and it works out to figure them out when I listen to songs.

So my question is : Does it make sense for me to get this module? I kind of feel like lots of it I already know how to do it and I don’t know if its worth to buy the module or not.

Cheers in advance!
ps.: I’m not sure if this topic shouldve been put in any of the other categories. If so, sorry for that and move it for me please.


definitely worth buying the course.

Absolutely ! Best investment I made years back when half way through the old beginners course. :sunglasses:

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I concur with @Socio & @TheMadman_tobyjenner, a bit of a learning curve but well worth it.


Hey Nikolai,

I thought my rhythm skills were coming along reasonably OK before I did this course. After spending a couple of months on the course, it really catapulted my rhythm to a new level. Highly recommend this brilliant tuition, and a great reference as well. And for the price, Justin is basically giving it away.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for the feedback guys!

Hi Guys, I’m still struggling to get that clean even and light up/down (continuous) strumming that the experienced players have.

I’m digging into the strings too hard or miss them completely from trying to lighten up.


Cheers Craig

Try keeping your movement small but be wary not to lock up your elbowcompletely while doing this. A good strumming technique has a bit ging on in elbow, wrist and hand

Is your pick flexible enough? if your pick is rather hard, you might getstuck in your stirngs. When you have difficulties to learn how to strum, start out with a very flexible pick. It will sound a little softer and it will be harder to spot errors but it will help you to optimize your movement while not having to worry about getting stuck too much. Switch to a harder one later on; doing this too long hen learning could give you sloppy strumming in the long run if you don’t tighten it up as soon as your smooth movement is established.

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