Strumming Techniques 1 A

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Hi where is the PDF for this lesson? I can’t see it in the downloads tab. Thanks.

@martin2302 if you go to Strumming Techniques 1A you can find the PDF for Strumming Techniques 1 on the download tab.

And similarly for the PDF for Strumming Techniques 2 you will find it in the download tab for module 2A.

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Hi. I have and use the app. I have also just purchased the strumminh lessons. Does this appear on the app or must I leave it on my PC?

@martin2302 Not sure if this helps but I use my iPad for all of Justin’s lessons and courses. So I downloaded the pdf to my iPad then emailed it to my Windows PC to print off hard copy. As far as I am aware, others may know different, but it is not on the app

I think this will only be available on the PC and website. The app only at this point has certain grades of lessons implemented.

Hello @Selwynn and welcome to the Community.
Strumming Techniques is a stand alone purchase separate to the app not within the app.
Hope that helps.
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And totally worth it, I might add.

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Hello @Selwynn. The strumming techniques course videos can be watched directly from the website or downloaded from the website to your phone, tablet or PC. I downloaded to a USB and plugged that into the back of my TV to watch on the big screen and strum along with Justin. As @Richard_close2u has pointed out the premium courses are standalone purchases and as @Rossco01 has pointed out only the first two grades of the standard course have been implemented in the app at this point.

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Well worth the money, if only to see how bad your strumming is! It will get better after practising the lessons, but it may take a little while. I still have a bit of trouble with parts of it, but that`s me.

It’s stated in video on the up strum goal is to hit the top 3 strings… is that consistent with all chords?
Video is an E chord
Is a D the same? (only and example) Top 3 strings for up strum.

Hello and welcome to the community.
Yes that is the general guidance for all upstrums. It is easier and sounds better that way.