Strumming Techniques 2 B

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Nope - can’t grasp this, I must be really dim, struggling to write the counts and strokes for patterns 38 to 44, the ties, dotted notes, 3 note and 2 notes replacing 4 notes has made my brain melt. Could you possibly provide them and I can maybe work backwards and make sense of it all, thanks, Mike

well as I didn’t get an answer, gave it a another shot and hope that I may have sussed it.

would anyone be able to cast a glance over the image and advise if there are any errors, thanks in advance.


Hey Hal,

Looks pretty good from here mate.
Minor error in #41, beat 3. Should be UU.
You’ve got it right elsewhere though, so probably just a typo.
Other than that, looks spot on.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks so much for your time Shane.
Most appreciated.
Best regards,

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