Strumming w / finger tips

I know some strum with fingertips… I prefer it but I noticed sometimes I get some serious buzzing at times. Then when I lighten my strum it sounds great. Do any of you experience this?

Might be the guitar, might be the technique…

I can create many odd sounds while strumming … most of which " bring nothing to the party".

I have a friend who strums very effectively with completly straight/ flat fingers; acoustic and electric (rhythm)…

Basicaly … whtever works to produce a pleasing audio that is right for you … “If it sounds good, etc.”

@Alexeyd has covered the bases. All I would add is remember that technique includes both your strumming hand and fretting hand.

In my own limited 4yr experience I find nylon strings less forgiving than steel strings (both hands), … other opinions are available … :wink:

Let us know how you get on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Years ago I got this for my birthday:

The author, Carol McComb brings lots of humor to learning the basic fundamentals and the technique is primarily “thumb pick, index finger down-strum”… it’s definitely a Country style sound, but works pretty good!

So, alternating bass strings with the thumb & down strum in between isn’t very hard to achieve a good rhythm in a few days of practice!!!


EDIT: I just realized that I neglected to mention that it’s called a “ “Boom - Chucka - Boom - Chucka” pattern

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This may be worth looking at Richard