Strumming whilst playing

Hi everyone
Can I ask a very basic question?
I am really struggling at the moment with putting the chords together whilst trying to play a song and then strum at the same time!
Should I just be strumming on the first beat or all 4 beats? Also do I just strum the strings that belong to that chord!
There is no clear sound to the song and just is not working for me?
Any help would be greatly appreciated?

If you’re a new beginner a down strum on the first beat will give you the time it take to change to the next chord. once your chord changes are fast enough you can up the game to either a down strum on beats 1 and 3 or on all 4 beat. Then you graduate to adding in some up strums as you get more confident


Also, be sure to slow it down. You can work on speed later, once your chord changes start to happen at the proper time. I never start a song at the original speed, always pretty slow, like probably half speed and some are even slower while I work out timing.


Can you do 30 chord changes in a minute between the chords used in the song? First achieve this.

First try strumming only on beat 1. Once cool with it, try strumming on all 4 beats. After that try the most common strumming pattern D DU UD. Then try messing with the strumming pattern yourself and play what you feel, just remember to keep the hand moving.

Ideally yes. Try to strum the strings that are in the chord but I will not worry much about wrong strings ringing at beginner stage.

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Thanks very much for your advice and guidance
I will take it onboard and keep practicing