Strymon Cloudburst

Did anyone else see the demo of the new Strymon Cloudburst pedal they did on the Andertons Youtube channel yesterday? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything like that come from a single pedal :dizzy_face:

(Wanders off to check his bank balance…)

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They make great pedals

I owned quite a few (and sold the ones I didn’t use because I switched to a very flexible digital processor (Mod Devices Dwarf). I kept my overdrive, El Capistan delay and Bluesky Reverb because they are just too good to sell!

This one sounds great as well and if I didn’t have another oslution, I would be seriously considering it.

I saw that earlier this morning, absolutely stunning sounds that my playing most certainly doesn’t live up to or justify (fortunately!!) :wink: :rofl:

I’m wondering what the hell I’m going to do when I win that Klon once they hit the 1m subs mark :slight_smile:


I have been looking at scratching the reverb itch again.

I had pretty much decided on a Boss RV-500, as the Big Sky has limited availability.
I did go down the rabbit hole of considering a multi-effects like the GT1000, but they don’t do as in depth reverb options as the big dedicated pedals.

I think I’ll need to do some more research, to see if the RV-500 or BigSky can do what this pedal can :confused:

I saw that video (and a flood of others that came out at around the same time).

Strymon make high quality pedals, and it sounds like this one follows that tradition. I’m tempted, but I just dropped some cash on an Analogman “CompROSSer” compressor pedal. I probably shouldn’t spend more on pedals right away…

I’m sure the Cloudburst would be a fine pedal for performing or recording, but I think its big attraction for me would be its role as a creative/inspirational tool for “just playing,” practicing, and writing. Kinda like how I use my Freeze pedal, currently.

Love Strymon!!!

Like everything Strymon does the sound quality is absolutely stunning.
I don’t think I would have a use for something like this though. I find this kind of ambient reverb to sound cool in demo pieces, like this one, specifically tailored towards the effect. But it’s hard to use in “ordinary” music IMO.

And the problem with all the small Strymon pedals (again just IMO) is the lack of presets. Either I would go for a simple, but great sounding, reverb using only on-pedal controls that does awesome Room and Hall reverb (for example Neunaber Immerse Mk2 - had that one on a board for years)… or, for home studio/recording, something with presets like a Source Audio Collider or Source Audio Ventris.

My favorite Strymon pedals so far is the Strymon Flint, Strymon Deco and Strymon El Capistan.

I feel that I could take one of these, along with a fuzz pedal and listen to awesome feedback effects all day saving the effort of having to learn to play my guitar :joy:

I think you put your finger on my gut reaction to this pedal, and expressed it clearly. That’s exactly why I think the attraction of this pedal is more about “just playing” than performing or recording. Of course, there’s something to be said for having fun and just playing. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I recently removed all drive/boost pedals from my board except for a fuzz. (Not a permanent thing, just messing around and experimenting.) It’s been a lot of fun, and increased my appreciation for how sensitive fuzz can be to dynamics and guitar volume knob changes and such. Fuzz is such a cool effect.


The G.A.S. is strong in this one, :mirror: :eyes: even as I type this that very pedal is sitting in both my Andertons shopping cart and my Reverb cart. I haven’t clicked on the buy button yet but I’ve got that itchy feeling going on, and to be honest, I don’t mind that feeling but this will be the third time in a month. So I guess I need to ask myself, will it sound good with a Microcosm? :thinking: