Stuck 3 4 chords

I am currently working on grade 2 module 8.
I can do everything Justin says to move on but can’t clearly play these stuck chords and can’t play them in a song.
I know the finger placements for all the stuck chords and have memorized them but can’t play them clearly.
I feel that they are holding me back from progressing.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

Debra, the stuck chords can be tricky to master (like most things guitar, I suppose). Being able to hold the pinky and ring finger in position and move the other fingers can take considerable practice to develop the necessary flexibility and strength. My suggestion would be to move on and just spend a few minutes every time you play working on the stuck chords. You’ll get on top of them in time.


I’d say David’s got you covered there Debra! Don’t let things frustrate you and hold you back like that, especially if the chord shapes are in your head and hands. But do keep them in your practice routine as work in progress.
They took me a while to be comfortable, especially with the finger pain of keeping fingers 3 and 4 always pressed down through a song, but they’re a great set of chords to know and use imo.
Good luck!

From someone who’s recently had the same struggles as you, can I suggest learning the song Brown Eyed Girl?

I basically played that over and over until I nailed it. It’s got changes between G, C and D and once you have them sorted, the rest are much easier. It’s a great tune to boot which kept me motivated.

It’s not currently on the app (controversial slightly, but will hopefully come back on there soon!), but there is a great YouTube video with the chords that play along karaoke style that you can find by searching for ‘Brown eyed girl guitar backing track’

And when you get bored of Brown Eyed Girl, David Bowie’s Heroes is another good one to practice on, as well as Oasis’ Wonderwall.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions… I will certainly use them

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Yes, keep them in your practice routine as certain barre chord grips also have “stuck” 3&4 fingers.

I found having a song I wanted to play was key with these chords.

For me, it was Wish You Were Here, which has the stuck Em, G, and A in the intro section.


I love that song and have been playing it in the app… but now it’s gone. Is there anyplace that has the song, chords and beats like Justin’s?

This was the closest I found to the app experience.

Thanks so much I will try that app

I have a similar problem it’s the pinky it seems to embed into the string then when you go for the e it’s like moving along a razor blade but playing Luka seems to be doing it for me.