Studio Electrophonique: The council house that launched top British bands

While amusing myself this morning in the turmoil of the British political scene and getting in beers and popcorn for PMQ, I found this interesting article on the Beeb. May interest some of the more mature UK students who would have been listening to the music at the time and wondered about the origins. A long way from Abbey Road in every sense. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the share Toby, I’ll give it a read.

Yes, I suspect what is going on here at the moment will be amusing to the whole world.

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A nice little read that was Toby. Seems a pretty cool way to do things. Very laid back.

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Thanks for the share, Toby, interesting.

Now that’s the other end of rock n roll recording … that’s it, lads, it’s dinner time

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Interesting read. This sounds like what a lot of ‘new wave’ bands started doing in the 80’s when mini-synths were developed and people started recording in their bedsits. I presume most of us on the forum here have access to more sophisticated technology than they did :smiley:

Wish I’d kept my stylophone but think I junked it around 77 :rofl: