Subject length - Email Notifications

This might be something to look at. I got this notification from the new community in my email inbox:

The subject line in this case has become quite long and is hard to read in my email client. As you can see from the pic, the info in the “FROM:” field is redundant and nearly the same as the first part of the info in the Subject line. It would seem the redundant information could be eliminated? That would allow more of the tail end of the subject line to be readable… That to me is the most important part of the subject and as it stands now, it is truncated.


This can be cleaner indeed, thanks for reporting

I changed it to: %{site_name}: %{topic_title}

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On this end I am presently getting the following:

Seems to be a lot of redundant info?


Ah the “from” I can’t edit, so I simplified some more to