Submitting Feature Requests and Bug Reports in the App

I thought I knew the app pretty well, but buried deep in another thread, someone mentioned you can talk directly to Musiopia, the developers.

Sure enough, you can now go to the “Support” menu, and select the desired option, which will take you to Musiopias quite comprehensive support site (I vaguely remember trying this a few months ago, but it didn’t work for me then).

Note that this is not part of the Justin site (I didn’t realize this at first, and got confused when it asked me to register)

Anyway, there are comprehensive lists of what they have fixed, what they are working on, and pending bug and feature requests, which you can vote on.

Also, it appears that you don’t have to register, and can submit anonymously if you prefer.

A lot of things requested here are already on the list, and being voted up.

(Also, I noticed several requests for features that I’m pretty sure are already in the app, which indicates people don’t know where to find them)

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@Tbushell Thanks for sharing that, Tom :medal_sports:

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