Sucks pinching a fingertip =/

My first few weeks here have been quieter then I anticipated. This is because 3 weeks ago I did the unimaginable. I was breaking frozen veggies up at work and bathed my hand. My left hand… i used to have a pic.

My skin had a decent rash on the top.of the finger but the real issue was the bottom … definitely bruised the ring finger bone.

Needless to say I’ve been unable to play for 3 weeks now. But I’ve been able to set a plan in stone. I am not sure how many of the lessons I’m gonna put together but I’m gonna start making my improv videos again with the ideas coming from the lesson I’m reviewing. I’m also moving in april to I’ll have my brother to drum to. It should be exciting. Gonna write some material with him.

I think maybe this weekend I’ll be able to play. It depends cause it’s all in the bends… and if the pain is there while vibrating.

Anywho I wanted to just mention what is up as it seemed like I disappeared after posting my Introduction. I’ve also been busy mixing acoustic songs I recorded. They are finished and in pretty happy with the results. Very good buy in that acoustic guitar.

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Other than the injury, all sounds good, Calvin.

Hope we’ll get to hear some of those acoustic songs and look forward to improv videos.

I uploaded 2 of them to YouTube. While I wont link you n the post I can PM the link to the 2 songs. I did 5 in total. one for each set of songs I’ve written. I’m happy with the results and will release the other 3 soon. I’m trying to spread out my material a bit. All 5 were songs i recorded plugged in so they are not an electric and acoustic version for each song.

I’m gonna do my best to keep my videos short and sweet. I do have a bad habit of going too long.

I think maybe a couple more days… everytime I think I’m.getting ready to feel good about playing again I finger it’s been a frustrating few weeks there lol.

It’s good to hear you are on the mend Calvin.

Been a long konth lol but I’m glad it’s looking better. I have full motion now so it’s a matter of the finger muscles getting stronger.

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Sounds like a painful and very frustrating injury. It’s good to see that you are almost healed up. Good job by you to keep on keeping on — very easy to just set the guitar aside while you are hurt and then get out of the habit and forget to pick it up again.

I wasnt playing much at the time so it was a.set back thatll push me to out lost guitars away now til after I move. Once I can play tho I’m gonna get back into it again. Should be soon… not wanting to rush it at the same.time.

Week 5. Pretty sure this was a fracture to my finger. I’m at a point where there is no pain until I apply force…so when I vibrato I feel the most tension. But the pain is almost gone. 5 to 6 weeks later. Definitely was not a bruise like I originally thought

“Did you get it checked out?”

No. I should have tho. By the time I realized what happened it was 3 weeks in and it made no sense to me to get a cast or whatever. I’ve been slowly rehabbing it as i work. Slowly using the finger when I can.

Hopefully one more week and I’m good. I could play how but i don’t really wanna push it and have a set back.

Good to hear you’re mending.