Sugestions for Another Guitar

Hey all,
After all the great help I got with getting myself back to playing for my wife and App, my guitar broke. My Trust rod broke and unable to repair it. Took it in for them to assess but after looking the repair is more then the guitar. The make and model was Jasmin S35 which actually good for learning on. Not a good time for this to happen.

Any suggestions to find a fairly inexpensive guitar? I guess i should look at the 250-400 US price range for another. I actually looked at good will but nothing there.

Thanks All


Yamaha is always a good choose for inexpensive and expensive guitars. The FG or FS 800 series range between a couple hundred dollars to about $500 for the 830.
The FG is dreg style and the FS is a smaller body style


I just recently bought an Yamaha APX 600, which I’m really happy with. Both the neck and body are slimmer than a regular acoustic so it’s probably aimed more at people wanting an easy transition between acoustic/electric, but it sounds great and is easy to play. Should fall within your price range too, though I’m not sure if you mean pounds, dollars or euros… :wink:

Where are you located? There are lots of good used items on the market.

I’m guessing it’s acoustic you’re going for? My first advice is always go to a music store bad try a bunch of them, different body types and all that and see what feels right.

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Located in Richmond,VA


Just got a Yamaha FGX830C and very pleased with it, not sure if you were after an acoustic.

Unfortunately probably outside the price range you mention but not sure how usd relate to GBP in terms of price although it seems they are cheaper in us. Yamaha make less expensive ones in the same range.
Apologies I am not a Yamaha salesman

Hope you get sorted

Michael :guitar:

A few months ago I saw this one on a hanger at a music store. The color was eye-catching so I tried it and it was pretty comfortable to play, with a powerful sound compared to the parlor size.

My 6 string acoustic is a Fender CD-60 V3 DS dreadnought style guitar. It’s was my first guitar, actually. While its specs may be average, it’s pretty suitable for learning and everyday playing. I would probably look for something a bit more expensive/refined if I were recording or performing professionally.

This is a good deal, especially if you offer a little less. Go play it!

Taylor Guitar 214 (6 string)

At that price range I would totally go a Yamaha, best bang for buck and well made instruments.

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Definitely look into Yamaha, great value at that price point. Well made guitars. Also, highly recommend Seagull S6 for around $500 or a used Taylor 114. Check out Alamo music on YouTube for great acoustic guitar reviews. Good luck!

I will look at your all suggestions … i was looking at Yamaha as well. I am going out this weekend first, to Guitar Center near me and play a bunch of them ranging in price. Since I started and been playing on Dreadnought class I want to explore the others.


I was looking at “Yamaha fg series fgx800c” at least it would give an option of electric as well. Seems like a good guitar but again, I will go play it to find out but what I hear online sounds great!

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Went this weekend and played a bunch of acoustics. Was impressed by Yamaha and when I have enough to put on the guitar, I’ll be ready to go. Thanks for the suggestions and help all… rock on!

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I see lots of folks like Yamaha. I recently bought an Orangewood and i love it. I bought it as a second home guitar so i dont have to travel with my nice Taylor. It sounds great. The setup is great. It is hard to judge a company with a single sample but i am pleased and i am not easy to please.

@Davidsusername I have had really good luck (and a lot of fun) spending time in guitar stores to get a feel for what I’m looking for (dreadnaught vs OM, spruce vs mahogany vs cedar, etc) and then keeping an eye on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and OfferUp (as well as the used section at GC and other places). I got lucky with my first guitar picking a Seagull M6 (same body as S6 but with mahogany back/sides) on a guitarist friend’s recommendation. Got it for $300 used with a great hard case 16 years ago and after not learning to play until 18 months ago (it was a great room decoration all that time) I am ver impressed with the build quality, tone, versatility, and playability. In fact the only new guitars that sound better to me are over $800 to start with. So as someone else mentioned I really highly recommend Seagull.

Another great guitar series in that price range are the Ibanez Artwood (they have a great spruce dreadnaught and my current favorite sub-$1000 guitar which is a mahogany OM/concert size - the AC340 - I found a used AC240 which is same model as 340 just prior version for $200 and could not be happier with the sound, feel, playability. Only guitar that exceeds in my hands/ears is a $1000+ Martin. It’s the guitar I’m playing in my last couple of videos if you want to take a listen.

As others have said it’s really a buyer’s market for new/used guitars in that price range. I think if you figure out the tone wood and the size you want, then it’s hard to go wrong with any of the known/respected brands - just stick with a solid top, play before you buy, and take the leap of learning to adjust your own action (in my experience I’ve never had to adjust a truss rod but have sanded down the saddle on every guitar I’ve owned - which is only 3 but still…).

@Jamolay great find! That’s a fantastic price for a guitar that would cost about 3x that price new!

Yes! It is an amazing deal and the guitar looks clean! However it does not appear the OP is interested. Not everyone is comfortable with Craigslist.

Thanks for the update on the guitars all, I did reach out to a couple of Craigslist postings and they would not allow me to play prior so I stopped looking lol. For now, I am using a loaner guitar from guy from work but need to save up for another. Medical bills are killing me right now because of wife cancer but almost saved up for another one. I am still keeping a eye out for deals on used.