AVOYP - Hang Me Oh Hang Me (Dave Van Ronk a la Oscar Isaac Inside Llewyn Davis)

I’ve been working on this a while, practicing different fingerstyle and strumming techniques with an aim to create my “own” version and add this to my (very slowly) growing repertoire. Such a fun song to play, can be done upbeat and brash, slow and melancholic, and anywhere in between.

My intention is for this to be as polished as possible - “Open Mic” ready. Of course when actually sitting down to record there were about 3-4 takes before I settled in, (including a smashing version where I forgot to hit record!). So I welcome any and all feedback (with the caveat that I’m fully aware this is quite Coeh-brothers / Greenwich Village cafe ready just yet - but some day!).


Sounded good to me Jesse, definitely OM worthy material :slight_smile: no nits from me just well done!

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That sounded pretty sweet Jesse, nice playing and singing. Not heard the song before but I enjoyed it. OM ready, oh for sure it is.

I enjoyed that a lot. I could picture you performing that at the ole Liverpool Pub. Why not Greenwich? Sounded good.

Hi Jesse,
I’m not going to hang you for this no matter how many times you ask… Beautifully played and sung, and I could also imagine all kinds of other performances,so go shopping instruments or band members…but this is a very nice performance… :sunglasses:
:clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

@roger_holland @oldhead49 @SgtColon @adi_mrok thanks all for your kind words and support - one of my biggest lessons learned on this was how much time it takes (for me anyway) to really get a song embedded deep into my bones so I can play it without even thinking about it and just let it come out the way it wants to (instead of reading off a chord chart or lyrics sheet - though of course there’s time and place for that kind of performance too).

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Fabulous, Jesse, definitely OM ready, Community or local.

Loved the muted bass notes, and dynamics in your playing and singing.

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Absolutely agree with this!! I remember a video of Justin’s (I think in one of Tammy’s lessons) where he said you should be able to play the song and carry on a conversation at the same time. Yep, learn it inside out, upside down. I think that definitely translates to the listener, too.

Hi Jesse,
It was pure joy listening to your performance :star_struck:.

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@oldhead49 love that as a goal “you should be able to play the song and carry on a conversation at the same time.”

Oh man I’m such a fan of that film, and of the musical performances by Oscar Isaac. You nailed it, feeling very relaxed but intense at the same time! Congrats!

Loved it Jesse. Really enjoyable performance. Vocals and guitar. Nice work

I didn’t know the song, but you made it come to life very easily. I was also impressed with the dynamics, very nice indeed