Suggest some cool songs for Grade 1 consolidation!

I need some songs which are fun to play and somewhat easy for G1 level!

Hi Rohit
Congratulations on finishing G1. All the songs on Justin’s website are graded with all the various beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Just filter out for G1 Beginner and it will list all songs Justin has lessons for. Alternatively Justin’s songbooks are also filtered by grade so easy to pick songs at your current level.
Hope this helps.


Thanks @LesPaul65 really appreciate it!

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In the same boat as you @rohitinc and @LesPaul65 gave great advice. I’ll add that a couple of songs that I found relatively easy/fun and that I’m using for my consolidation are Mad world, A girl like you, and Hey Joe. Mad world sounds good without a backing track + has easy chord progression and sounds good with the “Old Faithful” strumming pattern. Hey Joe uses all of the Major open chords from Grade 1 so it’s good for that. A girl like you uses all the minor chords and has middle of the bar chord changes with “Old faithful” so it sounds really interesting.

I just started consolidation so those aren’t set in stone for me but those are likely 3 of the 5 songs I’ll be using.


what about Call Out My Name by the Weeknd?

My choices so far for grade 1 are Horse with No Name (super easy), Bad Moon Rising, Eleanor Rigby and possibly Somebody that I used to know (finding that one a bit tricky) There are lessons for all of them on this site. I’m using the app, and the chords for some of the songs are different on the app to the lesson, but it’s easy enough to figure out.

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Here’s 98 suggestiond use the filter on the left side and pick
grade 1


Hi Rohintic,

Congrats. I hope you were trying to practice some of these songs as you were going through the grade level.

You cannot go wrong with 3 Little Birds. I also really enjoy playing Walk of Life by Dire Straits. If that doesn’t get you going then I don’t know what will (if it doesn’t, then watch the actual music video and I dare you not to have fun while playing the song). Great suggestion by others for Horse with No Name and Mad World. From Justin’s songbook my goto was How to Save A Life from The Fray. Lastly, Justin has a YouTube lesson on Free Falling by Tom Petty.

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Really appreciate it everyone!!