Suggestion: Teach Perfect Fast Chords in Grade 1

The speed of OMC are up to standard but sometimes the quality of the chord is not great and shows up when you a playing along with a song on the App. Was looking ahead to the later modules and came across Perfect Fast Changes (PFC) in the Consolidation Tip Lesson in Module 8. I thought that is exactly what I need to do.

Richard I think Justin and his Team might consider in due course moving this practice tip to a module or two earlier in the Grade 1 course or perhaps pointing beginners towards it. I also noted it appears in Grade 2 Module 8 as a full lesson but at this point you will be a long way down the journey. Far be it from just a beginner to suggests this to Justin but having watched some of Nitsuj I think he was surprised about what he has learned from going through the learning process again.

Michael, thanks for the suggestion. Realistically I think given the focus of the Team to continue to build lessons and improve the website, I personally think the benefit relative to other work is such that moving the lesson from G2M8 to G1M7 is unlikely. That said, I will pass on the suggestion.



I have no problem with banking it for future consideration. I wouldn’t want to divert Justin and his Team from developing the website and app. I can see beneficial changes all the time which is great.


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