Sunshine of your Love - Solo cover

After Justin’s recommendation on checking out the solo and all the cool licks on that, I have decided to learn it. This was the first time I have used Bias FX2 and I have tried to match the tone from original recording. Mixed things in the Garageband to create a stereo feeling with multiple tracks. Let me know your feedback on the playing, sound and anything. Especially waiting for the feedback from our teachers, I am very open to constructive feedback.

The recording

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You can also check out my previous solo cover on Layla
(this was recorded directly by phone thus has lower audio quality):


This silence is worrying people, did I suck so bad hahah

Could be that there is no sound. At least when I tryed to listen to it there isn’t.

Maybe your insta is muted?

No sound

Could you check this reddit link?

I have posted the same there as well and people were able to hear. I don’t know if the issue is with this platform or something else.

@Jwaters @stitch

For anyone having problems with the sound, the video starts muted. The unmute button is down in the bottom right of the video.

Yigit, you playing was pretty sweet and the tone sounded good. So, nice playing. The backtrack however needs turning down a bit, for me it overpowered your playing.

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The sound was there once I unmuted.

The cover is great! :slight_smile: Especially the quality of the recording and the tone. I can hear you’ve spent time getting this to sound sweet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :heart_eyes:
@SgtColon @kamkor