Supermassive Black Hole ft. Hatsune Miku

Hi there! Finally got this song completed and I hope you would like it =)

Appreciate any comments on the guitar playing and its effects, too! I guess I overdid the Fuzz effect, never thought it would be that muddy after I master the track :sweat_smile:

Have a lovely day!


Nicely done Vincent, heavier then usual but it works really well. There is something hypnotising to this tune :smiley:.

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Hi Radek! The voice is offbeat while the guitar is on beat (in musical terms, it is syncopation) Finally got the trick correct after several attempts from previous song projects :smiling_face_with_tear:

I learnt this trick from an actual diva of my culture, her way of singing is hypnotising, uhm, euphoric =) and it is sort of forgotten among the Chinese, too. Will be working on a tune featuring her song, very soon!

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Well that was different Vincent, I liked it. For me it was like an Asian/cowboy kind of mash up. Not an easy one to tackle I suspect but nice job.

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Thank you Stefan! Glad you like it =)

Just now I had a fresh listen to it. Hmm, at first it felt like a bit of rushing. Or perhaps it was my ears being rusty lol. And after a few more listens I was unable to catch anything out of sense :thinking: :thinking:

Hi Vincent,
I’ll say it again…I really like that you keep doing this :sunglasses:, even if there is only a Niche market for this style here…I’ve only listened to it briefly but I clearly here that you are a good
musician :clap:….keep doing what you like and you see that there are more people here that`s liked it…and most don’t post comments but enjoy in silence :smiley:

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Looking forward this song :smiley:. Admire your dedication to this specific topic, perhaps one day you decide to look at k-pop/k-drama songs, it would be amazing :smile:.

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How about this song, :kissing_heart: da :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:

I arranged this song on guitar standard tuning during my school days, and that made me realise I need alternative tuning. Soon I discovered DADGAD :smiley:

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One of the legendary Yiruma songs, I wonder how your arrangement sounds (sorry for getting off topic).

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Sounds pretty teenager xD Probably have to rearrange it on DADGAD and add some flavours to it

I wish I would have learnt it on piano instead, apparently it isnt really hard according to my piano friends, but I struggle :rofl: I do struggle on piano lol. My childhood background is relatively low income and couldnt even afford a keyboard at home, and perhaps thats what leads me to guitar =)

Hi Willow,

Great tune. Great band.
I liked the music.
The vocal not for me.
Still, inventive stuff.


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Not only you, I had two attempts over past few years with the same result and conclusion, not enough time to cover two instruments.

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