I just really enjoyed this, so I thought I would share. Way out of my league to learn, but going on my “one day far in the future” list…


Sweet! love it :smiley:
check out how long this guy’s fingers are!
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :sunflower:

Very similar to Adam Rafferty’s arrangement which he also has lesson videos covering so you could start learning one bar at a time. Look forward to seeing your version soon :smiley:

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Think you got your Rafferty’s mixed up James.
Gerry Rafferty had a great voice but he’s no longer with us.
Adam Rafferty looks like he knows his way around a guitar!

Hahaha I think I need to have a coffee first in the morning before I type any posts

It is similar, he is covering Adam Rafferty’s transcription. Good ear!

Justin has a lesson on Superstition as well…