Surprise meeting

I perchance happened to meet one of my daughters work colleagues, Tony, recently. During chitchat, I discover he’s an accomplished guitarist and musician whose been playing for over 50 years, has played innumerable gigs in several bands etc over his lifetime. Terrific fella, very personable, with an obvious wealth of knowledge and experience.

He seemed pretty interested in where I was at after 2 ½ years playing. I told him things were progressing pretty well, told him about Justin etc. I mentioned I was currently learning and studying some SRV and ACDC.

Well he knocks on my front door 2 days later, and says “These are for you”, and hands me 2 thick SRV music books by Hal Leonard Publishing.

I thanked him repeatedly and said I’d look after them. “I know you will” he said, “cos they’re yours now”. I was taken aback at his generosity, and thanked him again as he left.

A week later he rocks up again with a box full of about 30 editions of Guitar Techniques magazine, dating back to the 90s. What a great magazine. Full of numerous articles, lessons, workshops, exercises, full song transcriptions etc from many of the big names in the guitar world. Can see already its going to be a great addition to my learning and practice ideas etc.

Started bookmarking a few workshops, including one series from a 2008 edition called Tasty Chords. The resident expert author? Our own Justin Sandercoe.

Feeling very grateful for the chance meeting, and Tony’s genuine generosity, paying it forward to a fledgling ‘young’ player like myself. A great end to a fun and productive year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Cheers, Shane


@sclay That’s awesome, great stuff

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What a great story, and a lovely show of generosity. It’s always nice to be reminded that there are still genuinely good people in this world that want nothing for their help and support.

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Cool that he seems excited for you. He also is probably happy to pass on things that are worth too much to him to throw away, but he really doesn’t need anymore! You should ask him to jam!

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Yeah Joshua, i was thinking the same about seeing if I could jam with him sometime. Could learn an awful lot from someone like Tony.
Unfortunately, my daughter just told me Tony and his wife are downsizing, packing up their lives and moving interstate in mid January. I suppose he’s been doing a personal stocktake recently, hence his generous gifts to me.

Cheers, Shane

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This is a very proper end of year! You’re a lucky guy Shane! Enjoy your new materials…wish you a lot of enjoyment and practice for 2023!

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What a nice way to finish the year. Happy for you, that you met such a generous person. Hope you can get a lot of useful information out of it. Too bad, he’s moving away!

Hi Shane,
Nice :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

You will get through the coming “winter”. :smile: