Suz from Utah - Hi!

Hi! I’m excited to join this community. I’m 58 and decided to work on 2 skills this year - Spanish and guitar. I picked up golf a few years ago and found that it was actually pretty fun to be older and be willing to try out something new and not be good at it. It’s humbling, but rewarding as progress is made. My golf has reached a level where I enjoy getting out and playing (although I’ll never compete, or even beat most people I golf with :laughing: ) . I’m looking forward to a similar trek with guitar.


Hi Suz!

Welcome to JG, you could always play Spanish guitar and kill 2 birds with the one plectrum ?

Like golf playing guitar is a personal challenge but you can do the drinking during play rather than at the end of a session…

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haha! Hadn’t thought of the Spanish guitar angle… :thinking:

Welcome to the community. There be lots of guitar goodness inside these forums. Look forward to more from you.

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Hey Suz, welcome :smiley:

Work you way steadily through the modules with Justin and you’ll have great success as well as a lot of fun. Enjoy.

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Hola Suz and welcome. :slight_smile:

I too like a bit of golf but haven’t played for a few years, maybe time to dust my clubs off. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of the guitar, once the finger soreness has passed of course.

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Hi Suz and welcome to the community. Good luck with the journey and you’ll get lots of help and support here if you need it.

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Hi Suz and welcome the Community.

If my golfing experiences were anything to go by 40 years back, you will get more pleasure from the guitar. Spanish Guitar ! I was beaten to it :rofl:

Good to see you here.



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