Sway Of The Beat & Trunkful Of Dollars (two originals)

Hi, Been playing for 5 years guitar now. Originally learnt from Justin guitar. Been making a few songs. Wanted to get a bit of feedback good and bad. Hoping to develop this one and some others

Hello Ali,

Your video is set to ‘Private’, so we can’t see it.
Go into “Your Videos” in Youtube, and change it to either “Public” or “Unlisted”.
That should sort it. :+1:

Cheers, Shane

I think that’s sorted now.

Still comes up private for me.


Hey Ali,

First of all… welcome to the community… why don’t stop by here…

We are a lovely supportive bunch of folk from all over the world. In saying that as we come from a variety of different countries it’s always a plus to include the lyrics as some people do enjoy reading them.

I did watch your recordings before you changed them to private. You have nothing to fear. I thought your voice had promise. Out of the two songs that you posted I preferred the trunk full of dollars. You played it more confidently and it had a bit of a cool groove to it. I’d have liked you to have added a bit more dynamics to the chorus.

For sway of the beat I would try to cut the time down from 6 mins to no more than 3 minutes. I’d suggest working on the chord changes (perfect fast changes) as those tricky ones were impacting on the fluency of the your playing particularly where it looked like you were transitioning from barre chords to thumb-over chords (not sure if you were playing barre chords with thumb over or open chords up the neck).

It’s not easy recording and sharing a song, especially an original. So well done on sharing. You’ll get a lot more feedback and probably better feedback from the other members of the community if you set the videos to unlisted.

And don’t forget to drop by the introduction section and say hello.


Both videos came up as private for me. So no comments possible.

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They both come up as private for me too.
I’m also unable to play any other videos on the JG website or community at the moment but can play them directly through YouTube.
(I’ve tried logging out and back in and restarting my computer etc)

Hey sorry, I was undecided whether to put them up in the end. My background story is I originally learnt with Justin guitar books, I bought all 3 books and started singing and playing at the same time. For a while I used the song app to try and get timing better. I was totally unmusical until 5 years ago where I received a guitar and amp for Xmas. I then got into piano 2 years ago and currently learning grade 3 having passed the previous grades. Piano is actually helping me a lot with guitar now with timing and knowledge of keys/ scales.

I have been making up songs after a year of guitar and find i get very absorbed, slightly obsessive and slightly high making them.

I have a set up at home with scarlet focusrite, keyboard with komplete control software- which is amazing by the way. You can play or program any instrument and have so many types of sounds to play with.

I have 4 songs so far more professionally done on Spotify Ali Macpherson but my technical side of playing instruments is having to play catch up. And gradually the tech side is having to work out Logic Pro x on my MacBook Pro.

They should be visible now. Just slightly worried with copyright issues but have registered them along the way on various sites, ect. I’m sure sharing them here will have no bad implications and it’s hard developing songs.

Not everyone cup of tea but steep learning curve with Logic Pro x and recording/ programming instruments: love the process kind of more than the finished products. Hoping as I get better and learn more techniques that il have better songs

Thanks socio, just introduced. Looks like Justin site has evolved a lot since I was last involved. Might do some of the courses. It’s all about the climb seemingly never reaching the top but seeing also how far you have climbed!

Nice to meet you all, Ali

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Hey Ali I took a listen to your one on Spotify. The production sounded good to my ears. Though there are far more knowledgeable folk on here that can give better feedback on production.

Change that ‘might’ to ‘I will’. The beginner’s course has been completely revamped. Start off with an open mind at the very beginning and just work your way through the course. You will likely find new information that wasn’t in the classic course that helps build stronger foundations and may also inspire you in your song writing.

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Thank you. Correction I will. Haha. Really want to try and create scale based melodies. Very inexperienced using scales on guitar. I’m much better on piano with this. Although much better with chords and rhythm on guitar. Il check out Justin site. Thanks for your reply.

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