Swedish song. Håkan Hellström - Det är så jag säger det

Hi friends! Haven’t checked in here for a long while. Stupid life reasons…

I don’t expect many of you to know this song (although it’s amazing) :wink: Håkan Hellström is maybe our greatest singer/songwriter here in Sweden (and Scandinavia), but all his songs are in Swedish. His lyrics are incredible, I’ve been a fan boy since my early teens. This song is from that era and carries a lot of emotions for me. I half-learned it a year ago but never got around to do anything more with it. It feels to me like a spring song so last week I got inspired to pick it up again.

It’s played originally on piano and other instruments. The adaption to fingerstyle guitar was not too easy. He also has a pretty characteristic voice that I can’t aspire to mimic. Can really recommended checking out the original! My version obviously has some dinks and mistakes but finally I’m reasonably happy with it.

Any feedback much appreciated and I’ll try to check out as many of the other videos here as well :blush:

Take care! Erik


Love this song, and love your version!
Lovely Taylor guitar tone, and nice playing!!!
Very clear and crisp recording.
Well done!

(Mycket fin, jätte bra) :+1: - Hey, I am your neighbour from Denmark. It was very lovely and with the amazing touch and sound of Sweden. I haven’t heard Håkan Hellström at all or even heard of him. But I know many Swedish songs from before 2001, like from Lisa Ekdahl, Bjørn Afzelius are among the few I remember. - You play very beautiful and with this Swedish touch and emotion I know from my younger days. -

Just had a listen to the original, and I honestly have to say, I by far prefer your version on the guitar, (Sorry Håkan Hellström, but I really do). - I became little nostalgic when I heard you play and sing, as I lived in Sweden when I was from 4 to 6 years old, that’s all the way back to 1970-1972. - Really excellent performance, both guitar and vocal, very beautiful! :+1: :sunglasses: :pray:

Great work Erik, neat fingerpicking on this one and warm guitar tone only adds up to the experience.

That was superb, Eric.
I struggle with basic Danish, so only catch the odd word or expression in the song, but totally get the ‘atmosphaere’ :wink:
It’s an artist I will probably look up sometime.
Thanks for the enjoyable listen and recommendation. :smiley:

That was fantastic :clap: not familiar with the artist but you played and sang it beautifully :v:

Beautiful Erik. Spent more than 7 years of my life in Sweden and both my kids were born there so loved hearing the language again. You also have a really nice voice. Great work . Tack så mycket för att du delar med dig !

Jätte fint, Erik. Skall kolla lite mer på Håkan H, tror jag!

That was super impressive Erik. Wonderful fingerpicking and it was amazing watching your fretting hand. Great vocals too.

That’s simply lovely Erik…the song is very beautiful indeed, you played it and sung very very well and it was really enjoyable to listen to it. I wonder what it is about. Thanks for sharing it :blush:

Elsker Håkan Hellstrøm Erik!

You did great!! Sounded great. Awsome vocal too.