Sweet Child 'O Mine [INTRO] by Guns N' Roses Lesson

Learn to play Sweet Child 'O Mine [INTRO] by Guns N' Roses on JustinGuitar!

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This is a really good lesson. Having fingering and picking explained helps a lot. I was trying this off a tab and it was WAY easier to work out fingering from the video. I find Slash’s picking easiest for me actually - I started just alternate and then changed.

Thought I should point out that the fretting in the JustinGuitarTABS tab for the last 2 bars of the intro is wrong - right notes but wrong strings. May not be fixable as it’s a third party tab. Justin’s video is right as per usual.

Surprising amount of wrong tabs around for the last 2 bars. Guitar Pro subscription wrong, Ultimate Guitar free is wrong. Extra notes. Ultimate Guitar pro is right as of course is Justins video.

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Thanks JK. I shall pass the message on.