Sweet Child 'O Mine [INTRO] by Guns N' Roses Lesson

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This is a really good lesson. Having fingering and picking explained helps a lot. I was trying this off a tab and it was WAY easier to work out fingering from the video. I find Slash’s picking easiest for me actually - I started just alternate and then changed.

Thought I should point out that the fretting in the JustinGuitarTABS tab for the last 2 bars of the intro is wrong - right notes but wrong strings. May not be fixable as it’s a third party tab. Justin’s video is right as per usual.

Surprising amount of wrong tabs around for the last 2 bars. Guitar Pro subscription wrong, Ultimate Guitar free is wrong. Extra notes. Ultimate Guitar pro is right as of course is Justins video.


Thanks JK. I shall pass the message on.

Please could someone let me know what the 1.2 at the second D and the 3. at the last bit of the intro mean?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up @jkahn

Where do you see those bits Stefan?

Ah I just had a look at the tab, they’ve fixed it and replaced since my original comment.

1 and 2 are the first play through, 3 is the third. The double dots at the end of the bar sequence means you repeat bars between them, so repeat 3 times but time 3 is different.

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Thanks JK, that’s great. I thought that might be it but just wanted to double check.

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I’m working on this intro. I’ve got the picking down pretty well and I’m steadily increasing the metronome practice speed. Does anyone know how many “picks per minute” are occurring in the intro?


I started playing this with my pinky on the b-string (15th fret). To me that feels fine, can go very fast and with minimal movement. But in every instruction videos I see people playing this using the ring finger? Is there a reason to use the ringfinger? Is that a best practise?