Sweet Child of Mine intro - JK - Oct 2023

Great stuff, JK. :clap:

All the practice and effort you put into this during the last months clearly pays off. To be honest, I’m even more impressed you managed to stick to this tune for more than a year, probably I wouldn’t be that patient. :joy:

Can’t offer any helpful advice, as this is above my playgrade. I enjoyed the listen and have much respect for this achievment. :sunglasses:

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JK that was great! I am not brave enough to tackle this hit, as I know I would be at least 16 months day in day out practicing the song and I am not ready for it :rofl: to be fair I haven’t picked up any issues you said in your post before I read them, so I guess the more you listen to your play the more critique you are giving to yourself? To me it was really good well done! Was that full speed or where you missing some 5-10% of original tempo?

Tone was close enough for the purpose of recording intro tbh, I wouldn’t dwell on it too much until I would start learning a full song. So again, bravo!

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That was some sweet playing JK. No advice that I can give you and to be honest I don’t think you need any!

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Phil, with the stuff you do, you’d definitely benefit from a DAW. Would be much easier than Audacity. I only use 2% of the functionality, they are so powerful.

I might come back to the lead parts some day - not soon though, there are too many bends and fast passages which would be a big stretch for me. The daughter in the video is keen on learning guitar, we’ve told her she needs to do a year of piano first (starting soon) as guitar would be a bit hard. Her sister is already 2 years into piano and doing great. And yes, my niece was very impressed!

Thanks for checking it out Gordon.

Maybe I should record in 60 fps next time :rofl:. Thanks Ian!

Ah, so that’s what that strange object on the x-ray was! You know I used to drum and a metronome was my best mate back then. I use a metronome daily with guitar. But I also played this one to a click track! Thanks for the kudos James.

And thank you for the feedback John.

Yeah, me too. One of the reasons I have stuck with it for so long is that it taught me a lot. I’ve twice focused on changing my picking technique to get this one down, watched a lot of videos, and analysed tiny things like where I rest my palm and fingers - I’m sure I asked some questions on a thread about that ages ago where you provided some answers. Thanks Shane.

Thanks Luc, if it inspires you to pick up and play that’s great :smiley:.


At least one, maybe two other things coming some time this month as another 2nd guitarversary showpiece. I figure it will be good to look back later and see where I was at :smiley:. And provide some entertainment as well. Thank you Nicole!

Thanks Franz. My practice is sometimes structured, sometimes not. I really only have one rule for myself, and that is to play every day.

Thanks for checking it out Lisa! TBH I didn’t stick at it the entire time, it dropped off for months at a time, then I brought it back, did that a few times. It’s never been my main focus but when it’s been in the routine it was a 5 minute a day with a metronome thing.

Haha Adrian, your playing benchmark for when something is ready is much higher than mine! So I think if you did this, by the time you posted it, it would be as good as Slash himself. You know I found it a really useful picking and string skipping exercise which is why I stuck with it for so long. And it seems like an iconic rite of passage thing.

The tone would have been closer to the original if I’d had my volume knob would up a bit… but I had it set too low. And yep your ears are good, it’s slightly slower than the album! I think the album is around 123bpm (I think it’s not played to a click?), cover backing tracks 125bpm, I played it at 120bpm. So 2-4% below tempo but close enough that if you played it live at that tempo nobody would know.

Thanks Eddie, and I am always open to feedback, the advanced players pick out stuff that the rest of us don’t even notice!


I would be happy for 40% Slash-a-like to be fair with this track :grin: but keeping this for later for sure, lately picking some simpler stuff to learn due to less time on my hands unfortunately. Hoping this will change soon!

They do it all the time at live stadium concerts, makes you think if the studio versions just weren’t intentionally paced up in their software! :grinning: but again that was good enough for me, well done well deserved :grin:

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Hi JK,
Good for the warning for the beginning, that was indeed not good… but as soon as the band joins in it goes much better and is nice to listen to :clap: :sunglasses:… so because of the second part it is certainly possible with not too long a time to do that’s starting a bit better too I now :sunglasses:
Go for it :crossed_fingers:

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Wow, JK that’s some nimble finger work there. And I’ve said before , but your finger movement looks real relaxed. Nice one :+1:

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Happy anniversary JK :grinning:
Elegant solution with the muted click track in the DAW. I was giving the ex-drummer douze points for his timekeeping.
I thought this worked well and am not going to enter into the debate of exactly how close to the original it is. Instantly recognizable and sweet on these lugs.
I was mesmerized by the clockwise circular action of your fretting fingers with each bar. Cool :sunglasses:
Tbh, I don’t really get the concept or “I would never try that, as it’s too hard”. This is a learning site and none of us ever achieve ‘original standard’. I’d never share anything again :laughing:
How appropriate that the ‘Sweet Child of Yours’ makes her cameo, although it does look like she just decided ‘enough is enough’ and switched off your webcam.

When I was about 12, I saw a bass guitar in a shop window and wanted to buy it with my saved pocket money and play in a rock band. My dad told me he’d buy any instrument I wanted and pay for tuition- after I learned how to play the piano. Sigh. He meant well, but it took another forty years before I ever picked up a guitar. Guitar is not difficult. It’s fun… as long as you have the right attitude :grinning:
(And yes, get her the piano lessons as well if she’s up for it)

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Just saw this on my YT feed JK. Nice job imo and I imagine tricky to keep the timing all the way through for that length of time. As you’ve commented on the sustain I think it’s just an overall smoothing out between notes that’ll come with more play through.

And just noticed your comment that it was one take, well hell I’d take that all day long!! Your daughter seemed to be impressed-ish :wink:

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Oh geeees! YAAAAASSSS! Whoooooo HOOOOOO!!!

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Hi JK!

Nice playing! Im not competent enough for any feedback on your playing but it sounded nice.
Do you play that on the neck pickup?
I would try rolling back the tone knob on the guitar a little bit.

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JK, I queue along with those praising your playing and timing! No substantial helpful feedback from my side due to my playgrade, but a simple “like” wouldn’t be enough :wink:.
Concerning your daughter’s ambitions for guitar. One reason I didn’t start playing in my childhood was, that at that time, we were supposed to learn the flute at least one year or more… . I hated the flute…so I never didn’t start. I see the intension to let her start with piano…but keep her interest vivid on guitar, if she is so interested :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hello JK :smiley:

I enjoyed your performance a lot :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
Thanks for sharing.

All the important things have been said/written already, so please let me just add my

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Awesome job here @jkahn !! That’s some tricky stuff you got going on there. It definitely seems authentic to the original, and is pretty far beyond what I would try to pull off. Bravo! Keep jammin :+1:

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Fantastic @jkahn !
I have always found this lick harder than it sounds ( and it sounds plenty hard).
The notes are all kind of ‘tight’ together, string skipping, preventing other strings from ringing out, alternate picking, no pauses to get your bearings…it all makes it a hard to do as cleanly as you did.
Very impressed.

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I think that’s what I’m going to do for a while now, simpler stuff to build repertoire. But hey, there’s no bends in this, it’s simple from that perspective!

Hi Rogier, I’ve been trying to analyse why the beginning is not quite right, I used pitch detection in my DAW and it seems I’m hitting the notes - I can only think it must be the tone & that I’m cutting quite a few of them staccato at the start? If anything, it’s representative of where I’m at, I can’t play it perfectly but happy with how far I’ve come. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you Craig, when first I started trying to push the speed up from 90bpm to 120bpm it felt way too fast, now I have to try not to rush it’s baked into my fingers!

Thanks for the guitarversary kudos Brian :sunglasses: You know, if I play it without the click track I’m about-right-but-drifted-a-bit which would be OK for live but stands out like an ugly wart in a recording! So I reckon if the pros use a click I can too :smiley:

I’m with you on the giving anything a go and sharing it. Some of those iconic albums we know, even if the guitarists were only in their early 20s, they’d probably been playing for at least a decade. I’m sure my fingers will be more nimble in 8 more years of guitar. Or if not, maybe at least my ears will tell me if a bend is in tune.

It’s also easier to think someone is better than they are when sharing videos - we’re only sharing the stuff we’ve worked on, seldom the stuff we’re struggling with.

And on my daughter, she grabbed my microphone to start singing into it as she loves to do :rofl:. Point taken on guitar vs piano. My main thinking was that she would become frustrated with guitar quickly, and piano allows her to build some practice discipline first… maybe I need to rethink that.


Once the band kicks in keeping time is straightforward, the hard part is not hitting dud notes and hitting the right strings! Goes well more often than not though.

My daughter - lol, she is not impressed, she has heard it way too much! :rofl: When the kids are around I struggle to get more than 5 minutes at a time with the guitar, which is why this was a one take (and why I usually practice once they’re in bed!).

On the one take thing though, I have to be real, it was the first take of the day but I don’t play it that cleanly all the time, although sometimes I get better sustain…

Thanks Tabitha :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out Lefteris. Yeah, it is supposed to be played on neck pickup. I’m pretty sure I played it on neck for the recording, but can’t tell now. Volume should have been up a bit higher to get some more overdrive too :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips!

Thanks Andrea, I always love to get a comment :smiley:. And point taken on my daughter’s guitar ambition, perhaps I’ll see if I can get her straight into guitar. I’m just a bit concerned her hands are too small. I think it depends a lot on the teacher too, piano has a really good standardised kids curriculum, starting super easy and building from there. Guitar tutors seem a lot less standardised.

Thank you Gunhild!


Thanks Travis! It took many months of practice. I think for me now I’m going to focus on building repertoire (like you have).

Dale, spoken totally like a guy who has played this one! Yeah, all those bits make it tricky. So often I got fatigued in practice and if I played it too many times over it would turn into a hot mess.

There are no bends though, the truly hard things in guitar - and why I chose this one to work on. :smiley: Thank you.

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I see this comment towards Jeff now , I think that is indeed it,that is why it goes out of time or at least the feeling that “something” is not right, it makes it not run smoothly, and that disappears as soon as the band comes with it … This kind of thing requires milliseconds of perfection and years of practice or you can start early in your guitar journey and practice for far too long every day, which is a waste of your (practice) time…what you type is very true, it’s good the way it is now is for where you are in your guitar journey ,and it shows a good procress… :sunglasses:

Good to read that your daughter is going to get that guitar… I didn’t want to say anything about that first, but what our colleagues say is true, by the way, it now also reminds me of what Justin and more people have said…" in a healthy household with children there must have be at least 1 guitar and piano" :smiley: Have fun buying :grin:

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