Sweet Child of Mine intro - JK - Oct 2023

Great work JK and not an easy one. It’s one I’ve been working on for ages too but I’m no where near your level.

Yes, a few times the sustain could have been held a little longer but I’m sure you’ve found, it is really hard to achieve.

Overall a fantastic job and it’s great to see you now have a groupie supporting you all the way. :smiley:


That’s very impressive JK. Putting the time really paid off great job. No :poop: sandwich here. Just a well deserved pat on the back.


Hi JK,

The intro that launched many a 6th Form party, and a million guitar player’s dreams of stardom. :slight_smile:
I thought it sounded good. As others have mentioned - deceptively tricky. Needs timing and dexterity, and a good dose of stamina.

Intro to Thunderstruck next?


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Oops, missed some replies :slight_smile:

I figured you were working on it as well Stefan given some of your comments on the lesson thread. Grade 4, yeah right! Feels harder than that. It took me a loooooong time to get right. I’m looking forward to when you eventually post yours.

Thanks Stitch! It means a lot. Also, I’ve noticed you started commenting on AVOYP recently. So thanks especially for that.

I’ll do the intro, then get off the stage as I don’t know the rest of the lead parts! :rofl: Thx for checking it our digger. Thunderstruck… one day!

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Well hopefully not too long to wait for that JK. I just need to stop catching wrong strings that I seem to do every now and then. :roll_eyes:

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That was the hardest part… in the end I had to change the way I picked to do this one. After doing a lot of youtube watching and experimentation. Justin doesn’t seem to have a good lesson on the finer details of intermediate picking.

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Thanks for that tip JK. I’ll have a look around YT to see if I can find some better advice.

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