Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Hi All,

Thanks for checking out and the kind words.
Lbro - honestly, I have so many thoughts when trying to get the vocal level. I play the same thing back on different set ups - some seem too loud, some seem too low. I played it on my phone and the whole lead guitar seemed to disappear. At times i just give in and mix it to suit what i listen to it most on.

Next up - Teen Spirit - some time before Hallowe’en.


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I really enjoyed that @Digger72!

To me that really is a cool song. Kinda dreamy.
Your vocals and instruments seemed spot on imho.

Since I’m new here, I’m wondering.
Can you explain who’s doing what?
How many tracks did it take to get your great sound?
Do you record this live via mics into the interface or direct in to the interface.
I’m just wondering about the particulars I guess. Maybe even the instruments and gear used to create your sound.
You guys really did do that song justice. Great Sound!

Hi HappyCat,

Thanks for checking out our cover.
On this song Katja does the vocals and I play bass and guitars.
Drums are programmed using midi (Addictive drums software)

Katja mics into an interface (Focusrite) then sends me the vocal tracks via dropbox.
I used direct input into my interface (SSL 2+) for the guitars and bass - then used Waves Gtr to get the guitar tones.
I used to use my amp, but to be honest it’s easier to mess with the tone by using amp sims.
Guitar is a Gibson Les Paul and the bass an Epiphone Thunderbird.

The mix has:
2 drum tracks.
1 Bass track
6 Guitar tracks ( including double tracks for the rhythm)
26 tracks are used for vocals though only 4 are for the vocals and harmonies and 4 for the “aahs”. The rest have individual delays or reverbs on so I can control the blend of fx. You could just put them all on a few tracks but I like the additional freedom it gives for blending.

I then export the master track of the mix and attempt to master it with some compression/EQ/limiting.

All the best,


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Digger always good to see your work flow on these tracks. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this good info Digger.
To me, this song you did is even more outstanding now knowing it’s just you and Katja. Wow, 2 people and you folks make wonderful music. Ya sound like a full band! Very professional sound.
Really appreciate your feedback to my questions. I ask since your answer may help me or others with my/our recording adventures.

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