Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Hi All,

Sorry for the absence - been on hols for a couple of weeks. Was hoping to come back as a bronzed Adonis, turned out to be more like a Malteser. How can you put on 5kg in 2 weeks whilst walking about 60 miles during the time? Thankfully some has shifted in the first few days since coming home - I digress.

Always loved this song - especially Marilyn Manson’s take of it, so we tried to come up with a version which blended the original and MM’s cover with a sprinkle of us in there.
I love Katja’s vocal during the “I wanna use you…”, etc., section.

Hope you enjoy.
Digger & Katja


About time you dropped this into the forum Digger ! And could not resist playing it again now its here. Great arrangement, stunning production as always but Katja’s vocals are to die for on this one. I could say one of her best vocally but the whole package is up there with your best work. Never strange, always comfortable.


Wow. Katja certainly gave Annie Lennox a run for her money there Digger. You’ve excelled yourself here in the playing/production stakes. That was fantastic.
Well done both of you.

Always look forward to you dropping by to treat us with a recording and as always you never disappoint when you do… that was another one out of the top drawer… great playing, vocals and production. Well done to the both of you.

Wow, that was a treat to listen to, Digger and Katja! :clap: :smiley:

Great production and arrangement and Katja’s vocals are the icing on the cake! You never fail to wrap up something amazing and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve always loved this song too, but that was amazing! :star_struck: :clap:t2:

That was great!!

Stephen @Digger72
One of my favourite songs, well done really enjoyed it.

that was awesome!

This is amazing, I love it!

That was fantastic ! :+1:

Seriously good. :+1:


Fabulous production, Digger, the whole deal, every performance, the mix, the tones. Totally professional, top drawer.

Sounding good there Diggs! Them drums are a driving the show mate. But the guitar work in the rhythm section is really top notch stuff! There are a few spots where my ears detect Katja is harder to hear. I would spot level those, up… Otherwise, fantastic production, play, vox and all the rest. It simply rocks!

Take good care,

Pro quality Digger. Outstanding track.

Very nice… professional level work… that was an enjoyable listen!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


caught this on the tubes, Steven, but defo worth the second spin here.
You guys rock! :sunglasses: (or goth, or whatever… :laughing:)

That was great Stephen and Katja sounded superb and I thought a nice balance between Eurythmics and MM.

:scream: :scream: :scream: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:BISBISBIS
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Absolutely fabulous guys. Vocals are out of this world!