Sweet Home Alabama [1/2] by Lynyrd Skynyrd Lesson

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Great Tune and well done, but I think this lesson maybe re-recorded to match the current “Justin Video and Sound Quality” :wink:

It’s a very nice song though I am not sure I did well buying the Rock Songbook. On page 207 where you should see the very first into/main riff it’s actually lacking half the riff at the end. With the B on string A being played more times than it shows.
A bit confusing. Took me some time to figure it out until I decided to watch a video because the paper in the book made no sense :frowning: I hope to be luckier with my next pick from the song book as this was my first.

Hi Vi,

Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure that’s the main riff in full right there. I just slowed down the youtube vid and counted the notes and it looks right to me unless I’m misunderstanding what you are saying.

You would go from that first main riff right to the repeat with the variation on the end.

Hello @franceschini and welcome to the community. Thanks also for supporting Justin’s work and the site by purchasing one of the songbooks.
I have magnified the section you have questioned:

This is that same bar from the official TAB:

They match exactly.
What is it you think is missing? Or incorrect?

Hi @franceschini ,
It’s been a while I hope you’ve figured it out (there is sometimes a little difference in how Justin shows it and how the tabs are), and still play and learn from here :sunglasses:, and I’ve just started (again,goes better after 15 minutes than 1.5(?) years ago after days :sweat_smile:) this one too, and @Richard_close2u what Vi means is that the first riff Justin plays is different than indicated in the tabs ( 1:45), it’s written the same as the 3rd riff…
But it is a little hard for the eyes so old (just a heads up Andrea :smile:)
Greetings and have fun with the very young Justin…