There is a lot of ambiguity revolving around the meaning of Sweet Home Alabama. I used to dislike Skynyrd, in part because I’m a big Neil Young fan. But after reading up on the band and the song and also, because, well, “Simple Man”, I became a big Skynyrd fan, as well.


Thanks, Tony. I appreciate you taking a listen and for the feedback.

Thanks, LBro. The original solo was one of those that if I pursued it, it would have been months, if ever, to get it. I agree a video of the solo cut in would have been good. I called you to task about not including Mike’s play, so touche’. Glad you enjoyed this one, and thanks for the feedback.

AndyPlays, thanks for taking a listen and leaving a comment. Glad you think it’s cool.

Hi, Pam. Glad to see you picked up some of the history here. I always try to do a little research when I do a song. Sometimes it reveals a bunch of odd stuff that one never hears about.
Nice that your kids get to see them.
Those muting techniques really saved my bacon on this one as far a ringing strings. The more I play, the more I learn, and the more I realize how much I don’t know. Glad you like this one and learned a few new things along the way.

Hi, Keith, and welcome to the community. Thanks for the listen/watch, and glad you enjoyed it and weren’t bored. And thank you for that feedback.

Hi, Silvia. So glad you enjoyed the whole production. As I said above, I thought this would be easy to put together, but it turned out to be pretty difficult. I do appreciate your feedback.

Hey, Brian, good to hear from you. Wow, “forum Godfather” is a moniker I haven’t seen before, and just when I’d gotten used to old man/ole man/ol’ man, etc.
This song is a protest piece of sorts, but I guess you can’t relate. I’ll try to find a anti-protest piece, but whether you’ll relate to something I pick out is yet to be seen. :joy: I appreciate your feedback.
Hits for six is another new one for me. Keep ‘em coming.
Still pluggin’ away, but some fairly serious med issues keeping me off the board more than I’d like, just so you know.

John, Funny how our opinions can change like that. Thanks for the comments and NPR piece.

Hey Dave, I love this song and it really doesn’t have simple rhythm guitar riffs and you did a great job with it.
I often play this riff to warm up :slight_smile:


Out the ballpark, hit it for six, hole in one, slam dunk. So many metaphors could be used! I just enjoyed your perfect recreation. Deep thinking analysis of the meaning of the lyrics doesn’t interest me. I’m a simple soul (man). :grinning:
Well done Dave, as always, that was terrific.

Well done Oldhead, nice to see all the parts come together so well. Like the guitar tone.

@twistor59 Phil, my apology for missing you in my responses; it wasn’t on purpose for sure. I appreciate your listen and comments. And yes, I would encourage you and everyone to do their own backing tracks, as there’s a lot to learn there, even if you fudge (improvise) some parts.

@afterburner1277 Keith, Thanks for the listen. Here is my response which ended up under my response to Pam’s comments. Sorry about that.
“Hi, Keith, and welcome to the community. Thanks for the listen/watch, and glad you enjoyed it and weren’t bored. And thank you for that feedback.”

@MikeSebastianP Hi, Mike. Glad you took this one in, and thanks for the feedback. Yeah, what I thought would be easy to put together turned up harder than I thought. Playing those riffs and keeping unwanted strings from ringing was a lesson in itself. I should have called on you for the solo.

Hi, Gordon. Never hit one out of the park or hit for six, but I have had four holes in one (short par 3’s of course, and that was back in the days when my handicap was low. How’s your game these days?
Glad you enjoyed this one and didn’t get into any analysis of the meaning. I appreciate the feedback.

Hi, Neil. Nice to hear from you. Well, the parts came together, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Glad you liked the tone, too.

What a treat to find this as I play some catch-up.

Fabulous production in all respects, Dave. Your skill set is truly impressive and serves as inspiration for all, I’m sure … playing, singing, transcribing, keys, drums via keys, mixing.

I’ll not enter into any lyrical intrepretation or debate on the ding-dong between artists. What I can add, based on my own reading up, is that NY and LS were apparently on reasonably good terms, while not being averse to sharing their opinions (mine I shall keep to myself).

Hey Dave, great job. I’ve always loved the song and your rendition is, very cool. :sunglasses:

@DavidP David, between med issues and an ongoing battle with my ISP, which hopefully will end tomorrow (a new one coming), I too am playing catch up.
I appreciate your feedback; very encouraging. I can appreciate not getting into the flap with NY and LS. I do understand things got straightened out in the the end and there were no hard feelings. Just what I read on the net. Good to see you back around, too. Hope all’s well.

@Sweed Good to hear from you, Sweed; haven’t seen you around of late, but I haven’t been on the board much myself. Thanks for taking a listen and for the feedback. Hope you’re still playing.

Dave, that was brilliant. Great production and very impressive putting it all together like that. One to be proud of. Bravo! :clap:

@SgtColon Hi, Stefan. I appreciate you stopping by for a listen, and for the nice comments.