Sydney Guitar stores?

Off to Oz in October, NZ has distinctly average guitar stores so will visit one or two in Sydney.

Will be kinda shopping for a new one, possibly telecaster shaped but who knows. Fancy something single coil or at least with splittable H’s

Any recs on places to visit?

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I’ve not visited guitar stores in Sydney, but Mannys is a pretty big music shop in Oz and they have a big store in Sydney. I would be going there at least.

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Cheers this looks nice (not in sydney aparently)

Very woody! Is that a Reverend?

What’s your budget? My friend bought an American Ultra tele recently that he reckons is just awesome.

The absolute place in Australia (I just completed the big lap - circumnavigation in our RV) is in Melbourne. While there I played all sorts of boutique guitars you only read about in magazines and forums, Bourgeois, Santa Cruz, etc. I visited there twice in two days and would have played something like $125,000 worth of guitars.

If you choose to go to Melbourne another great guitar related experience is a tour of the Cole Clark factory. So very worth it.

I’m from near the southern area of Queensland, can give you details on a variety of guitar shops there if interested.

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Don’t really have a budget but it’s not higher end tele.

I want a body / comfort cut and don’t like the squared off heel much either so not sure it’ll be a fender

Still tempted to build a partscaster tbh if I knew it would come out OK

Won’t be getting to Melbourne this trip but mebe another time, wouldn’t mind a look round the maton factory, Cole sound like great guitars also

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OK looks like I am doing a roadie to Melb also so may call in here!

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