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Rolling Stones provided audio only from ‘Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out’

Performance video from 1968 provided by ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Keith’s strumming does not sound quite as busy as on the ‘Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out’ version.

Steven @yetanothersteve

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Hello, can anyone help me get the tone for both rhythm parts and Keith’s solo. I am using a boss Katana mkii. Any help with settings, pedals, anything really

As far as I can remember, Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner covered this song recently. Maybe, he can give you some tips and information :thinking:.

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@NicoleKKB Thanks for the shout Nicole but mine was an acoustic version but I pushed it through my Line 6 POD Go and found an amp and other FX that I thought suited that kind of cover.

As to the OP chasing the exact tone from a studio recording is next to impossible. You would need to be using the exact same equipment in the same room, with the same people and the same mixing formula the sound guys applied. Then you would need the Keef touch to set that all off. Just experiment with the Kat and try and dial something that YOU think is similar, make it your own. Be you.

If you want to see what that means here was my cover

Madman’s Diaries OM 20 Footnotes - MMS Presents Sympathy For The Devil

And another exquisite cover from our resident Crocodile !!

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (cover)

Like I say make it your own.

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Oh and I nearly forgot Kevin’s super take on this one !!

Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones (Country/Folk Cover))

Thanks for your input, although I am not chasing the exact tone. I’m new to electric and this is my favorite song I just want to sound a bit closer, not exact.