Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones (Country/Folk Cover))

Hello there!

Hope everyone is having a great time.

Today I’m sharing another cover I did with my buddies of Muddy Boots, we tried to take this Stones’ classic and put a spin on it.

As always I appreciate all the tips you can give us, I apologize for the recording quality since we did a quick video with a smartphone. Sounds good to me with earphones but the humming of the bass player can get annoying. :rofl:

Hope you enjoy it, here’s the thing we did:



This is so much fun :smiley: No other tips than that perhaps one or two “huhus” are maybe a few milliseconds off time. And I suppose you intend for the beginning to sound as demotivated as it sounds? :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it, and could easily imagine you as opening act for Steve’n’Seagulls :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect accompaniment to my morning coffee :coffee: :smiley:
The banjoy player is worth his weight in gold.
Pump up the bass.
Ole! :sunglasses:

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Love it Kevin!!! Sounds awsome :metal::grin::metal:
That banjo does it all. Bass is cool aswell…
very very cool take on this timeless classic!!

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Great Kevin. Thought the LoFi recording and overall look of the recording looked really good actually. It suited the song.

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Great fun, liked the banjo. I couldn’t hear the bass player at all, there was silence at the beginning.

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Well that was fun Kevin !

I covered this back in November and wasn’t expecting your take on it. Guess I should have done as soon as I saw the Banjo. Definitely a cool version for sure. :+1:


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That was really cool Kevin and I love the band name!

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This is really good stuff. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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That was terrific Kevin. I love those low tech ‘live at a party’ productions. Yes, boost the bass, but otherwise great.
Well done all of you. You’ve got some super mates, keep getting those boots muddy!

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Great job mate! You have a real find in the banjo player as they are far and few between. Even better that he can play well. There are 2 VST sims I can’t find: Banjo and Harmonica. Both are elusive.

Play and vox were great. Choice of song was cool as I like that number.

Yeah the recording was the weak spot. Pity you guys don’t run into a small production studio with proper mics, amp, mixing and the whole nine yards. But for a one off phone hack, it worked!

All the best,

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AHHHH! That’s great! :+1:
Banjo is very much the theme here!
I couldn’t even imagine that the country style would suit this song so well :star_struck:

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Thanks all for listening!

@JokuMuu Thank you Nicole, I believe you’re right about the huhus. We get too excited and maybe not do everything super tight :sweat_smile:
And about the other thing, yes, that is a conscious choice, to make it more impactful when we pick it up. Hopefully that makes sense but maybe it’s too boring until it gets going?

@brianlarsen cheers Brian, I’m well aware and I’ve got the banjo player tied in my basement :rofl:

@tRONd thank you very much Trond, glad you enjoyed it!

@Rossco01 thanks Jason, you may have a point there. We’re very into DIY stuff.

@skinnyt thanks Trevor, I would suggest to listen through headphones but you’re right, the bass should be much higher.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks Toby, we can’t help ourselves to play things this way with the banjo involved :sweat_smile:

@ Eddie_09 cheers Eddie!

@franzek thanks very much, thanks for giving it a go!

@sairfingers cheers Gordon, yep the bass should be better, we’ll try to do some proper live recording sometime hopefully.

@LBro yep, we’re thinking to get into a low budget studio to do some proper live recordings of our covers and maybe originals. And about the banjo, even more difficult to find if you are in Spain!

@crocodile1 thanks mate, we weren’t really expecting it either, we were messing aroung one day and this came out.

PS: I bring you the first Muddy Boots stickers!

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No. It’s a question rather of how funny you want your version to be. The current one is seriously funny… and I was wondering what you guys are doing… until it all became clear :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kevin, you have a great band, and these stickers are a step towards cool live performances :star_struck:

Great version - well done guys. This song is becoming a rite of passage here :rofl: