Synchronising iPad and iPhone

Hi guys. I am fairly new to this so apologies upfront if I am using the wrong protocol.
There was an item raised similar to what I am about to ask in 2022 but it really didn’t answer my question, which is:-
In January I subscribed to Justin’s new App and I have successfully used it on my iPad. I understand that the “App” does not synchronise to the Web page but recently I wanted to access my training Module from my iPhone. Whilst I can access the “App” from both iPad and iPhone the completion of the Modules doesn’t appear to synchronise. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi Chris @Welshwizo, you might want to tag @MusopiaApps , they’re the app-developers and should be able to answer you. Good luck!

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Hi Chris, your progress should be transferred among devices if you log into the same app account. Let us know via if you need more help.
Musopia Support Team

Hi Guys,
Initially, when I sent the email, my iPhone showed that I hadn’t completed Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 9 whereas I had in fact completed up to Module 16 , fully, on my iPad. What I have since done is deleted the app off my iPhone and reinstated it again. Whether or not it has been upgraded I am now showing all modules updated with the exception of Module 2 (which shows 2/17 completed) and Module 3 ( which shows 3/16 completed) on my iPhone so still not completely synchronised but much better. I will keep reviewing one against the other as it is useful to be able to access the Modules on my iPhone especially if I am away from home. If I have any further problems I will contact you but many thanks for getting back to me

I have a similar issue. If I run the iPhone app then it shows older/less progress than the iPad one. What’s worse is that this then gets saved to the server, so then the iPad version loses that progress as well. This has happened three times now, so I’ve decided to simply uninstall the iPhone app and stick to the iPad one.