T Rex-20th Century boy

One of many songs that I have been working on since I started playing, been trying to push through the whole song. The flick off on the low E string, 3rd fret with the pinky finger in the main riff is tricky to get right. Any feedback on how I could improve this would be most welcome. https://youtu.be/7fNFoMG6M50


Coming along nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

I would maybe see if you can get a drum backing track to play along with, one you can slow down.

I like to write mine into a drum simulator software (Hydrogen) but that’s a bit of a pain…

…others, on here, have suggested the GarageBand app for iPhone which can be used to create drum tracks

There’s always YouTube:

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It’s coming along well, Malcolm. I don’t know the song well enough to comment on any specifics. Suggestion from @liaty is a good one to help really get into the groove and vibe.

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Yes, a backing track would be good with this one. It’s coming along though Malcolm and it ill be great to hear the finished production, as it’s a great song.

Good to see another post from you Malcolm.

Song is coming along nicely I reckon, of course some work on timing & rhythm but I assume you know about that.

I just had a listen to some of the song on Spotify after watching your vid. My feedback would be around the bends and flick off on the riff, your timing on the bends is a bit quick. Listening to the original track, I think the unbent note rings out slightly longer before the bend, whereas you’re going straight into the bend. I’d recommend listening over and over to the riff to bake it into your mind and copying.

I think tweaking those bends would make a big difference to the feel of the riff.

Someone with more experience please correct me if I’m wrong here.

Many thanks to @liaty , @DavidP , @SgtColon & @jkahn for your feedback and thanks also to liaty for the link for the backing track which I have saved. :+1:

I appreciate the advice given. I realise that the timing and rhythm need work, and my next step will be to play along to a backing track to help with this, but in this video I was mainly concerned with trying to play through the whole song without messing up, and I will also continue trying to perfect that riff.


Hi Laser,

I love Marc Bolan, so great to hear him getting some love in the forum.
Just bought the vinyl box set 1972 - some gems in there. Worth checking out.

On the bends on the E string I’d perhaps look to do them with your ring finger instead of little finger - bit more strength and control.


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I think it is a great start. You have the rhythm down. I think the tempo of the song should be a little faster. I have no room to talk because I need to work on my timing too. Just a thought, but maybe add more treble to the amp-sounds like a lot of bass as compared to original. Keep it up and you will get there. Thanks for sharing and nice job!


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Hi Malcolm.
Good vibes and kudos for reaching iut and grabbing a song for the fun of it.

I hope you don"t mind some frank critique.
As the passing strangers in the other car shouted to John Candy and Steve Martin, “You’re going the wrong way!”

This song is all about masculine braggadocio, raw lust and power.

You need power chords and strong fingers and aggression.

Forget about a full open E major with your little finger having to do any stretchy-bendy business.

Index finger 2-string E power chord.
A quick and powerful Down-Up-Down on that power chord.
Use your 2nd finger 3rd fret thick E string half-bend (curl).

Chunking all-down 8th strumming on the A power chord.

And give it welly, give it large, give it gusto and vigour.

There’s a northern bloke named Andy who teaches this song.