T.Swift - Teardrops on My Guitar

Free tempo recording of my first Grade 2 Piece with stuck 3 - 4 chords.

By no means the finished recording as I want to eliminate the errors from nerves.

Any and all feedback is appreciated and welcomed. I’ve been practicing this pieces for some time and the strumming is ok with just a couple missed here n there lol but, the picking section is a really difficult.

I’ll update this post in due course as i progress with the piece.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped me regarding all my questions about recording. :slight_smile:


PS, 1 year anniversary of playing in 2 weeks, hence trying so hard to get this recording donw lol. :clinking_glasses:


I think that sounded great Rachel - lovely tone on chords and picking, very clean. If I was going to give any advice it might be to slow down a little with the strumming part so the tempo is even the whole way through, but that will come anyhow. You’re doing great!

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Bravo, Rachel, that was wonderful. Well played and just the odd bobble on the picking, keep at it. The guitar sounded fabulous. Did you tweak your approach with the electronics or switch to a mic?

Look forward to your next.

Hi Rachel,
What a huge leap in guitar playing technically since your first recordings… Congratulations :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :clap:… and the difference in sound quality :flushed: that is so big and great now that it is almost impossible to describe it in words… maybe with bravo bravo bravo :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Well done Rachel. Listened through my headphones this time the tone and balance is sounding real good. Like the arpeggiated chords, nicely picked. Good progress for sure.

I did change this recording, this was done with 2 matched pair Cardiod mics. I added a 3 band EQ and made some use of those a little, as well as a room reverb. I think I’ll try some other reverb setting but I liked that one I came across for now.

Certainly very different than the first recording but much nicer overall sound wise I think.
No Amp or Pre-amp, just my Faith Guitar and the 2 mics to the DAW.

A little help from lots of people makes a world of difference.



Really good Rachel, tone was terrific. A few timing issues to tighten up on but well done.

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You did a great job, Rachel. Can be tricky to position a pair of mics. Your positioning and use of the fx was really well done. Guitar sounded so good.

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Sounded good! If you are a Swifty I have good news for you, you now can play 20 other songs of her’s with that same chord progression:
I V vi IV:

  • Should’ve Said No
  • Teardrops On My Guitar
  • Bye bye baby
  • Love story
  • Champagne problems
  • Mean
  • Crazier
  • Change
  • All too well
  • Eyes open
  • I knew you were trouble
  • Out of the woods
  • Clean
  • This love
  • The archer
  • Midnight Rain
  • Cornelia street
  • We were happy
  • Cold as you
  • Epiphany
  • Christmas Must Be Something More

LOL, not really a Swifty as you put it but I can certainly check some of these songs.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

How on earth did you find this out. ?


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…Because I zig when everyone else zags. The running mantra is learn songs x3, I believe in learning progressions x3 (which are the building blocks of songs, and music theory that you can actually use and build upon). A good resource for this train of thought/reasoning is this piano playing guy:

EDIT: 12tone is a good resource for breaking down musical concepts/progressions in a very unique way:


Tallented guy, I’ve come across a video of his before , possibly on here, so added to subs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post, good Video. :slight_smile:

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Clint @CT
Not really into TS’s music but I am doing the PMT Course so have just done common chord progressions in Module 4.2 so the video was very interesting.
Thanks for highlighting it.

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Probably from this video that I have posted before:

That’s the same progression that Taylor Swift leans on so heavily. So in essence with a couple of chord progressions under your belt you can play a lot of songs, riffs and dittys.

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She’s OK, a little too poppy for me. She has taken common chord progressions and created a heckuva following. Along with lyrics that people can identify with, she has leveraged the secret sauce (chord progressions).

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Sounding really good Rachel and the picking sounded nice too, as did the tone on your guitar.

Happy one year anni, when you get there.

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Rachel, that was lovely to hear. It sounded so clean and pure. Great job on switching from strumming to Finger style and back to strumming. I heard some nice embellishments in there. Well done.

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What a great play through Rachel, bravo :clap:

I don’t listen to TS myself but I can appreciate a well played song by anyone :smiling_face:

I loved the sound, clear chords and fingerpicking, melodic, great rhythm (with some timing variances, nothing jarring though, as I still work on that myself), and great recording quality. I listened to it 3 times, until my wife yelled at me “to turn off that loud music” (I had the volume cranked up on my tablet) :rofl:

Oh and happy 1 year guitar playing anniversary :tada::blush:

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Thank you Firas, for both comments. :slight_smile:


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Strumming sounded nice, even tempo and I could tap my foot to it. But yeah the picking was not up to speed. What I usually do with really hard difficult parts is I isolate the difficult part down to 2-3 notes and I repeat it until I get it correct. Then add the next note, then the next one. That I usually do at 40-50% speed of the original tempo of the song. After you got it under your fingers and youre automatically doing it without thinking its only matter of speeding it up gradually.

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