Tab sites like Songsterr or Ultimate Guitar

You either buy Guitar Pro and use it to open the file or use an open source equivalent of Guitar Pro such as the TuxGuitar

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If you have a free account on Songsterr you can download the tabs in a pro tab program. TuxGuitar is free too.

Yes but they are hard for me to find.I like it here so I’m doing without until I get comfortable. I don’t mind paying for them.Hard copies would be easier to navigate.

I am using justin tabs and ultimate guitar. I am looking for an alternative for ultimate guitar. It shold have chords and lyrics. An app would be nice as well. What do you think about

This has been a super interesting thread. I’ve had a lifetime licence with UG for over a decade it’s been great. Love how it has such a massive catalogue of tabs and how you can fully customise the playback speed, the pitch (great when something is in D standard but I’m using an evertune bridge with my guitar tuned to E) and which instruments play and/or tweak their levels individually. Never had a problem with them although I guess I don’t have to pay an ongoing sub.
I also use YouTube heaps, the speed customisation and looping of specific sections is super useful. However I haven’t explored the other options mentioned here so may need to do some more digging! :wink::sweat_smile:

I find the free version of Songsterr adequate for my needs but always check it to the actual track as quite often they can be not quite right.
I also use Tuxguitar to import and modify tab and use the playback and compose functions to do my own thing.
I also use Moises, this is great to separate tracks on a recording so that it’s easier to work with if you want to transpose it yourself, I’ve used it recently to try to work out Pieces by Jinjer, it’s going OK so far, plus I can use the drum track as a timing reference. Also I have Tatiana’s permission to use the vocals; I subscribe to her social media!

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How do you loop a section of a youtube video?

There’s some extensions for Chrome and other browsers that are available.

For instance: Looper for YouTube - Chrome Web Store




Nice, thanks a lot!

Yes, that’s exactly what I use, super handy :slight_smile:

Songsterr has no lyrics. So there is no alternative to ultimate guitar. I am a pro member until saturday necause it go too expensive.

The Sonsgterr tab for Stairway to Heavan has lyrics.

Do all songs have lyrics?