TABS for Fingerpicking Style

Hello everyone,
I’m starting to learn fingerpicking style on an acoustic and I’m looking for a book or site that has TABs for some beginning fingerpicking style songs. Any leads on a good book or a site that had TABs would be appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Ted, the Justinguitar song books have quite a few songs with finger style patterns suitable for beginners and many of them are supported by video lessons.

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Fingerstyle can be used for songs that are shown as strumming songs in books and tabs. Start with a simple pattern. It will work for some songs, yet you’ll find there are songs that just seem to want to be strummed.

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I strongly suggest using Modul 5 of Justin’s intermediate course. He shows basic Fingerstile patterns which you will encounter all the time.

I which I head that when I learned fingerstile, would have made everything a lot easier. Also he shows some basic songs over there!

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