Tabs sharing and help with music theory, where?

I have transcribed some songs and have some tabs I have written for myself so I tought I might as well share them. Where should I post them here so people who might want to look at them can find them? I am not a professional transcriber, not even close, so they will contain mistakes but can be helpful to get you started on your own transcription.

I also would like some help from the community to understand what to call the chords. I am currently using a website where I enter the notes to it and it tells me the chord name. I know very little music theory.


Anton, I suppose due to copyright and licensing issues etc. your question about the tabs is a bit more complicated than you might think…

I’m trying to remember and I might be wrong… but I don’t recall having people seen sharing tabs on the forum website… Maybe @DavidP or another moderator could enlighten us on the community policies here?! :slightly_smiling_face:

As to the chords… I reckon that if there is no other really suitable place somewhere else, you can always ask your question(s) in the “Just chatting”-category for example.

Music theory… have you seen that Justin has a really good theory course here on the website? The first two Grades are free, so that could be something worth checking out…

Btw… Great to have another active community member from Finland. Not so many active people from the Nordic States here I think… :thinking:


Thank you for the reply. I will wait for moderation to respond. I was thinking there might be some copyright issue too so I didn’t start by posting them anywhere. I will have to check out the music theory course. If there is just a lesson on how chords are constructed I might want to just learn it first. I know the major scale and chords in a major key but thats about it.

Hyvää kevään odotusta!

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Sitä samaa. Missä päin Suomea olet? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your willingness to share and pay it forward Anton.
Sharing tab and transcriptions - whether 100% perfect or not - can cause problems for Justin.
Occasionally, a very small section of TAb (no more than than a few bars) can be allowed within the Community platform.
Full song TABs are a no-no I’m afraid.

For music theory, jump on board Justin’s course. It is brilliant.



Thanks Richard. I will probably just try and avoid the tabs or show a small section of them.

I’m not intending to share any tabs in the forseeable future, but the question occurs to me, would it be OK to post a full song tab to a well known platform that has the appropriate licencing deals, and then link to it from here?