Tag. What is a tag?

What’s all this tagging stuff you’re up to @Richard_close2u. I’m being bombarded by old posts. :smiley:


Its when a youf takes a can of sprat paint and draws odd symbols on your posts

Gordon - I’m doing some domestic chores as part of a general tidy up.
What does it look like your end when I tag your topics?

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Looks good, and i can hashtag my own posts too ? #robdickinson (yep that works)

I’ve got my preferences set up for AVoYP s. I’m getting 60 (ish) new (old) posts every time I log on. :woozy_face:

That’s just a snapshot. I’ve got pages and pages more.


I get the notifications like these via more profile picture but on the PC (ie via Chrome) I get the option to dismiss and clear them down en masse. Not sure if you can do that on your phone ?


Gordon …
Aha got you. You mean lots of notifications.
I thought you meant the topics had moved to the top of the latest list.

Just dismiss all notifications… you must have received hundreds this week.

There were a couple of old topics that moved to the top of the latest list. In saying that there were a couple of topics that moved to the top of the latest lists without tags being applied with the last updated post and newest entry being December 21.

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I think that’s kind of a cool feature.

It might be handy for artists to tag themselves in the future? Or that could be a pain in the behind too I guess.

It seems….cleaner with tagging :+1: