Taj Farrant - Guitar Prodigy

Just want to give a big shoutout to a fellow Aussie, Taj Farrant, who at not quite 14, is now seriously being considered as the next guitar prodigy. Has just completed a highly acclaimed first tour of the US, and has already played alongside some of the greats.
Picked up a guitar at 7 years old, after attending an ACDC concert with his Dad. After seeing Angus Young play, he told his Dad “thats what I want to do for the rest of my life”. Has been obsessed with guitar ever since. Has released a few original albums already
It’s not just his unbelievably insane skill, and technique, but his real feel for music that is garnering some serious attention in the music world. Many are already calling him a once in a generation, or more, player.
Highly recommend you check him out. Comes from an average grassroots family, appears very humble and grateful . This young man is already well on his way to the very top. A couple of clips below. Many more the Youtube etc.

His first appearance at 10, on Australia’s Got Talent. (Purple Rain - Prince)

Here’s Taj jammin with Carlos Santana

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for sharing, Shane.

He’s quite a player, already. This being Just Chatting my musical preferences can be applied so skipped a Prince cover and jumped straight into his jam with Santana. That was most enjoyable.

But spotted this on his channel that is well worth a watch

@CT loves to encourage folk to find their own voice as players. Taj sure is finding his. I can hear a bunch of influences (well, I think I can) but wouldn’t say is playing just like A B or C.

And also has the hat, guitar faces and playing shapes down that do look a little incongrous on such a young lad.


Wow! That kid can play

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Thanks for sharing Shane that was So Good!

That is so cool! And I am glad that his parents are fully supporting what he is trying to do. This reminds me of Sungha Jung who is the same age as mine

Wow, that is awesomely inspiring!

He’s a really great player and at such an early age. He’s a frequent player at Norman’s Rare Guitars (just down a few blocks from me).
13-years-old Taj Farrant jamming with Michael Lemmo

Thanks for sharing this, he sure has some talent.