Takamine Factory Tour

After posting the 2nd episode of the Gibson acoustic building process, at their factory in Bozman, I thought I’d share the end to end process undertaken by Takamine at their Nakatsugawa workshop in Japan. Like many I assumed that the brand name was likely to be that of the original designer/builder but they are named after the mountain range that sits behind the plant. Its just a shame my GD30CE was massed produced in China but still good to see how the original factory handcrafts these stunning guitars.


Very cool!!!

This is cool. I adore my my P3NC.

Thanks for sharing Toby. I own GN30CE, it served me well for over a year but then it started to fail (lose electronics, wires falling out of the sockets, wires buzz). As you said, certain models are mass produced and sooner or later shortcomings will start showing up. Nothing that cannot be fixed though, as long as you lie the tone all is fine.