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There is an error in the chord/lyrics sheet. The second line in verse 1 should be “Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River”. Missing the word “Mountain” and I believe you need to add another D chord above the word Mountain.

@chris_m thanks for the feedback, Chris, I’ll pass it on to the Team

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Hi, lovely lesson you have here - as with most of the website - thank you!
I didn’t see any mention of a capo in the video so I’m guessing I don’t need one to play along to the original recording? but all the tabs I found online say capo fret 2…
I don’t know how easy it would be to implement but it would be really useful if all the songs had a little icon somewhere on their page that says where/if you need a capo.

First of all Welcome to the community :grinning:

Just come downstairs after working on the song. Not sure I have seen anywhere Justin uses a capo, but I could be wrong.
Might be to raise the pitch for singing but I am no expert on using the capo as only a Grade 1 Beginner.
Others may have a better answer


Michael :+1:

Hello @ericgreenwood512 and welcome to the Community.

John Denver plays it in the key of A, Justin teaches it (with different chord shapes in the key of G.
So, yes, absolutely, you can capo at fret 2 with Justin’s chord shapes to match the original.
Note - if you see video footage of John Denver on his 12-string playing with a capo at fret 1 it will be due to him having tuned all his strings down one semitone (a common option on 12 strings to lower the string tension).
To play John Denver’s chord shapes you will need to be able to play F# minor as a barre chord - beyond grade 1 level.

I hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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@Richard_close2u @ericgreenwood512

Richard Eric
When I started to learn this song, still learning it. I watched a live video version as I felt it was going to be more representative of what I was attempting to do as compared to listening to the official track. I do sing along to the track.
However now that I know more about the song I have looked at the video again . JD is playing open chords, a bit difficult to follow as you don’t always see his fretting hand but seems to be playing at least some of those that Justin has in his lesson and the app. The photo looks like a D chord of one sort or another.

Just thought it might be of interest.

Does look like a D maybe a Dsus4, perhaps with the thumb playing an F#. If so then Dsus4/F#. Otherwise thumb muting low E.

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Looks like muting to me in this case so Dsus4


Yes, he does play a D chord.
It uses chords I, IV V and vi.

Justin teaches those as G, C, D and Em.

In the key of A they are the chords A, D, E and F#m


Thanks Richard
Working my way through the theory course and just starting to getting an understand of what you have outlined.
Michael :notes:

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I just bought my first (probably not last) 12 string and revisiting this great tune. So glad to be around this crew, even though I’m mostly a lurker.

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what’s the guitar Justin using in this video?

Welcome to the forum Sharath.
The guitar is a Froggy Bottom M Deluxe.

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Sharath @sharath_chandra
I think this is the guitar Rick @stitch mentions.

Not the same guitar but you might be interested in this video, check out the cost!!!

Michael :guitar:

Hey y’all, although beginner level this is a great lesson.
I like do the hammer-on (i think its called that) for every chord in the intro and i think it sounds great. For the G chord i do base note 6th string (no hammer-on) then strum then A string amd hammer-on your first finger to the second fret.
Then for the Em chord i like to do that same thing. Base note E, then hammer-on A string to the second fret. Hammer-on to the D string sounds great as well.
Then for D chord I like to play the third string (Which would be the note A) and then hammer-on the same string to the third fret.
Then for C chord I play the second string (which would be the note C) then strum then hammeron to the same string.
It took a lot of practice for me to be able to play this, but it really sounds great. Sorry im not super great at guitar yet so i dont know all the terms for it, i just called them whatever i wanted. I recommend you try it cause i like the sound :)) Thanks!!! -Wet
Edit: I realize now that to do to C chord hammer-on, you must switch the bar of G after it to C, then continue. Yep thanks