Take the A Train - first try

Hallo, This is my first try, to make a video of my playing. Some of you have asked me to do one. Soon, there will follow others.


Congratulations on your first video.

I enjoyed the mellow tones. I look forward to the your next video.

Well Dieter that was quite an entrance to AVoYP! Terrific stuff. Great Jazzy vibe. You’re clearly a very skilled player and I look forward to more like this from you. Well done.

Very nice Dieter. Great touch and feel to your playing and tone is very nice. In terms of the video thought you’d got the balance just about right.

Excellent Dieter, a great entrance to the community!
Very nice tone and clean precise playing, I enjoyed it very much!

I’m not a jazz person but this was so good, smooth and soft, lovely :slight_smile:.

That was a lovely musical interlude for a Friday morning. Superb mellow sound Dieter. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting as well.

Nothing more for me to say, Dieter, those who’ve already commented said it all.

Thanks for sharing and look forward to more.

Dieter, that was just so good! I love jazz and your style works well.

Sounds good to me Dieter really nice jazz track :slight_smile:

What a great intro Dieter. Thanks for sharing your music.

Thanks for posting these relaxing and cozy pieces of yours… such a joy as I sip my Vanilla Rooibos red tea on this blistering cold -23C evening. :snowman_with_snow:


That caught my eye, unexpected, Sandy. My work day starts with Rooibos tea with a little lemon and honey added.

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It’s so good. What other teas do you like David? I’m a green tea girl, but like to try all kinds of different teas and tisanes. Just to let you know, here in Canada, we have a specialty store that only sells tea: It’s called - David’s tea. I kid you not.

@dgoeschel Dieter, apologies for the digression.

Maybe you can play us a little “tea for two” :blush:

@SandyMusic Sandy, generally speaking I am more cold drinks than hot, more coffee than tea. But I do also like green tea, chamomile, and other herbal infused teas eg apple & cinnamon.

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This is amazing!! Did you learn this via reading sheet music?? If not, how?

Yes, I start with the real-book-sheet. Than I learn the melody and harmonies by heart. Than work out impro variants. Than listen to ireal-harmonies and play impro. it takes one or two weeks, to finish one.

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Very cool. I dabbled with jazz years ago. I can usually play the chords and the head, but never did get very good at improvisation over II-V changes, et cetera. Your approach sounds like a good one, and makes me want to dust off my real book. So much music…so little time…