Taking my guitars from on continent to another

Hi guys,
I will be moving from Germany to Brasil for work reasons for 6 months.

Just asking if you have any advice on how I could take my guitars? :crazy_face:

I have a squire strat, so I was thinking of taking the fretboard off by unscrewing the bolts, and putting the two parts Into my suitcase. On how I would take by acoustic - no idea. Probably cheaper buying a new on there, compares to buy the extra fare to take it in the plane…

Any thoughts? :smile:

Unbolting the neck and packing it is a good idea if you have the space and weight allowance. I did that once when I travelled to Tokyo for work. Remember to take a spare set of strings and the tools to reassemble it.

Note if you do it too much you are in danger of stripping the wood that the bolts go into, so be careful. You can install metal inserts with bolts if you are worried about that. You should be fine is it’s just occasional.

I’m not sure about the acoustic. If you have a decent hard case and are willing to trust the baggage handlers, you can check it, although you’ll probably have to pay for odd-size luggage.

Otherwise I would look to buy something out there.



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I recently bought a Furch Little Jane for travel. The neck separates and is stored inside a player port in the upper bout. The whole thing fits in supplied backpack and easily goes in the overhead compartment. Solid cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides and it sounds really great. I think you can order them with an options; Baggs pickup.

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Thanks a lot guys, that helps! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if your cheapest and least stressful option is to buy one there. If you don’t need anything super special.
Might you be back in the future? If so, is there a place you could store one you bought there?


That is probably true :smile: