Tal Wilkenfeld interview

I’ve just finished watching this - it’s a long interview but just phenomenal. If you don’t know her, Tal is an Australian musician and one of the most talented bass players around.

In this interview she gives a wonderful insight into her views on music, songwriting, performing and practicing. Also some wonderful stories of Jeff Beck, Prince and Leonard Cohen. It’s a really rewarding watch.


I saw this a few weeks ago. Very interesting and she seems thoughtful and introspective. I wonder what it was really like, though, getting flung into the big time with all those huge stars when she was only like 18 or something. Wow.

Not totally sure about the interviewer. Odd approach. The guy has a PhD in AI and made waves with a very controversial non-peer reviewed study on drivers of self driving Tesla that, amazingly, supported Elon Musk and claims that drivers do not let attention wander while their cars self drive. This was largely panned by everyone in his field, except Musk, and skyrocketed him to fame.

Why is he interviewing musicians? I guess he interviews a large variety of people, and he was good at it, if a little dour.

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I agree, Lex has a rather odd style, although actually I don’t mind it. I’m not particularly a fan (and on a sample size of 1 he is wrong about Telsa drivers).
Why is he interviewing musicians … I guess he has an interest, he’s not a bad guitarist it seems…