Tammy Lesson 12

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I’ve enjoyed all 12 lessons. Is there a 13th?

I think Covid struck :slightly_frowning_face:

Although, the Captain’s lessons seemed to end abruptly too ??

Justinius oh Maximus, any plans to resume the lessons with Tammy or Rut Busters with The Captain, now that restrictions are lifted?

There was talk of doing some songwriting lessons with her to accompany a course I’m planning, but I just not managed to finish the course yet! Not sure Tam is fully back in regular practice! Was thinking of finding some new blood for a similar thing… J


That sounds exciting, Justin. Thanks for the feedback.

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Damn, I shouldn’t have moved!




Well there are few of us living nearby just so you know :laughing:


Exactly what Adrian says,…and the route below 1 x a week doesn’t hurt either.

a little over an hour …maybe

thalys londen brussel - Brussel Nijkerk… :innocent:

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You could always throw a dart at Brian’s map

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Nooo, then his laptop is broken :see_no_evil:


Brilliant! :laughing::laughing:

Was thinking of finding some new blood for a similar thing…

Ummm…might be just a few takers for this. :grinning:

Hope to see Tammy come back for more lessons. So relatable and her questions and stumbling blocks are exactly in line with lesson material. She’s personable and it makes the series engaging.